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    Question for "Quick Hitch" Users

    Question for those of you that utilize one of the "quick hitch" systems....Is it worth changing over ? If you don't mind, some pro's/con's ? I have a Mahindra 4035, considering a swap to some sort of "quick hitch"...50 year old, bad back, tractor prim use is bush hogging, food plot maint, and...
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    Would this work ?

    I have a Mahindra 2012, 4035 PST, came from the factory with one remote, I have the kit for a second remote, I want to also have a 3rd/4th remote who's sole purpose is for hydraulic top and tilt...would this valve/spool work for that pupose ? And, could it be further plumbed for true third...
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    heating/tempering metal

    So, I loaned my box blade to a friend...who loaned it to his friend...his friend bent the he$# out of the "A-Frame" (three pt hookup)...I'm going over to my friend's house and our plan is to heat with a torch and bend back question is, do I need to re-temper the steel ? If so, how...
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    4035 hydraulic filter

    4035 owners...for a hydraulic filter change I recommend you go get an oversize strap style filter wrench, one for an older ford diesel PU works well ... Changed mine today, was a little bit of a PITA to get around the hydraulic hoses...fluid looked good, did notice some very, very fine metal...
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    Top five classic rock ? Or how 'bout top five classic country ? Artists or songs... Classic rock...Stairway to Hevan (Led Zeplin), Foreplay/longtime (Boston), Come Sail Away (Styx), Dust in the Wind (Kansas), The Wall (the whole **** album !!!, Pink Floyd). It is really tough to pick top five...
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    Congrats to Deereman75 on his MOM selection for March ! Rich Ps, couldn't find the front porch forum so posted here...
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    Merry Christmas

    Its Christmas Eve day and I wanted to wish all forum members a merry Christmas and I hope the upcoming new year brings you good fortune...I'll hoist a small libation in honor of my fellow TBNrs on new years eve ! Thanks for the many good threads/conversations over the past year and I look...
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    Congrats to Member of the Month - dec - Josh Bardwelll

    Congratulations Josh...nice set up you have there in the Knoxville area ! Rich
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    PTO HP for ground engaging attachments

    Is there a good rule of thumb for the size of ground engaging equipment and proper HP required for it, ie I've heard about 5 PTO HP per foot for mowers...was wondering if I can pull a 2bottom turning plow, or increase to a 7 or 8 foot disk or how big a tiller I can use...I've got a 40 HP (33 @...
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    New remote

    Got my 2nd remote kit from the dealer yesterday when he came out to do some warranty work....for some reason there were no instructions, called the dealer and he said he would get them and mail them to me. In the mean time, wow ! I had no idea there were so many parts, two full boxes ...
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    Broke down, already, here we go

    Ought o....10.5 hrs...something hydraulic gave way inside engine compartment on right side bout midway back from front... Hauled *** back to the house (100 yds) n shut her down....NOT, Repeat, NOT happy...will be calling the dealer on Monday...don't want to move it so I'm going to try and make...
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    New grease gun

    Looking for recommendations on a new high quality grease gun, both electric and manual... Thanks in advance Rich
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    Dunno but right at this moment I don't know if there's anything as satisfying as a fresh cup of coffee, a newly disked 2 acre foodplot, and a shiny new red mahindra parked outside !!! Of course that may change later this evening 'cause SHE thinks my tractor's sexy !!! Bhahahaha ...
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    Price for used rotary cutter (bush hog)

    I will be buying a used 6' rotary cutter...looking for input on price... What would you consider a fair price for a 6' "heavy duty" cutter in good to better than good condition, no rust, good gear box, good slip clutch, well maintained ? The cutter has mainly been stored inside with his...
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    Inked on a 4035 today !

    I signed today on a 4035 PST...changed my mind from a gear to a PST...the deal included second remote kit, front grill guard, FEL with the quick detach bucket (72")...will take delivery tomorrow (probably)...the deal was $23,800 plus tax at 8.25%...the remote kit was $910.00, $1295.00 installed...