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    I did it. Roast and discuss my choice. (sharing experience + numbers for others)

    This makes a huge difference. I have a row of cottonwood trees that used to cause the drifts to form on the driveway. That plastic fencing (and later on some rows of red-twig dogwoods and lilac) makes a huge difference. Neighbors tease me when I leave it up too long (like this year, but we...
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    Seafoam for real?

    First, I do use Seafoam and have for awhile. I am not a believer in "snake oils". In fact, Seafoam is the only thing I ever add (other than some Iso-heat to prevent freeze up in our winters). It made a huge difference in my JD 3020 gas which would have carb issues without the seafoam. I had...
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    Can this be repaired? If not, does replacement have to be exact OEM?

    I would second (third?) this. That's just plain, low-pressure, fuel line and replacing it is cheap insurance. Even if it doesn't crack all the way through, I have found that little pieces start to flake off of the inside, which can be annoying or serious business depending on which side of the...
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    Buying Advice 4052r vs L4760

    This is where I am 9 months out of the year. If I have to fix something before I mow or blade, no big deal. I enjoyed my 1960s tractors and 1980s motorcycles for the wrenching and "making it work" almost as much as the actual use of them. (Well, maybe not that much, but it is something I...
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    Buying Advice 4052r vs L4760

    I didn't realize it was a fight? I guess we do things different out here in flyover country. I am the guy you quoted, and the person you were addressing when you said I guess I was invited to the fight discussion by the OP asking for opinions, but thanks for your concern. I (me, the one...
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    Buying Advice 4052r vs L4760

    Nope, unless they're doing business under another name. This is not a huge company, they own several nearby JD dealerships. I don't think their reach expands beyond this region. Do you doubt his word that it went from a pleasant place to work to an unpleasant place? Do you doubt that he...
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    Buying Advice 4052r vs L4760

    My small down JD dealer got bought out by a company that owns several dealerships and the quality of service and customer relations went right down the toilet. A good friend worked there at the time, and he suggested I look at another color (although I had already decided to do so, for other...
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    Cost of pallet forks

    I was asking anybody that had an opinion! Any of y'all. It looks as if the Precision Manufacturing option does not appear to have greasable fittings either. The cylinder on the Titan looks smaller, and the metal is probably less beefy but I've also been told that the Precision Manufacturing...
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    Cost of pallet forks

    Would you consider their pallet-fork "add-a-grapple"? I got my forks from them, and they are fine but I was unsure of something with moving parts given their reputation. The forks were also "made in the USA", which I'm guessing the grapple is not. I suspect they are a knock-off of this...
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    The high cost of cutting grass

    That's about what I do now. Probably only mow once, and spot mow any thistly areas again later in the year, maybe. Spray once (always mean to spray 2x, but typically just once). It just seems wasteful not putting it to better use, but the dogs do enjoy chasing the deer. A friend used to hay...
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    Help on new purchase

    I would call and ask the price of a marketbasket of parts/ maintenance items. As I swapped from IH to JD to Ford I found that the green paint was very expensive and didn't really help with the specific tasks I was trying to accomplish. OTOH, although more spendy, JD could normally get whatever...
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    The high cost of cutting grass

    Any suggestions on good use for 8-10 acres of prairie grass that doesn't involve winter chores? I normally just let a neighbor graze his sheep here in the summer, since I don't want to deal with them in the winter. Not much can fend for itself in our winters and I'm not a fan of chopping ice...
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    How far and high can I throw snow?

    For awhile there you actually had negative taxes due to the subsidies from the oil compananies. Is that still a thing? If I could talk the missus into it I'd be there tomorrow. We had -18F here this morning, and it was a pretty morning, but nothing like Alaska. If it's going to be that...
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    Which tools for tractor toolbox?

    Oh, I bet they would (cut it)
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    Pallet Fork Length

    I went with 42" for this reason, but kind of wish I had gotten 48". I think they'd be easier to line up, and I wouldn't feel like I have to push all the way against the pallet and slide it to make sure I had a good grip. I've never tried the 48", so it might just be a "grass is greener"...