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    Which Old Ford Tractor??

    This is the one I looked at today. The unit is purported to have a Sherman Combination Transmission. You can easily see the lever on the left-hand-side of the unit under/to the rear of the air cleaner canister. Is that in fact, proof that this unit has a Sherman Transmission and if so, what, if...
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    Which Old Ford Tractor??

    I was with a friend last week at an equipment auction and saw an old Ford 8N go for $900.00. The price didn't capture my attention at all. It was the lines on the sheet metal and the sound of that gasoline engine. That night, I was looking at YouTube and saw the 2N, 8N, 9N and the '53 NAA Golden...
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    BotaTrac is now on TBN!

    Hello all! Like many others I too have been fortunate enough to have learned quite a bit about MY machines from TractorByNet......almost 2 years now. I've learned a quite a bit from lots of good folks here. While reading about hydraulic valves this evening, I thought it was high time joined -...