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    BX2350 3 pt. spread width?

    Tractor is in storage shed several miles away, and I was trying to order a 3 pt. hitch/drawbar. I have the option of 20" or 26" I think. Thanks in advance Kevin
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    1st Impressions of BX2350

    Well, got a chance to put the new toy to work on Saturday on our lot on Lake Lewisville. But first, a little history... I had a guy clear out the underbrush with a skid steer last year to remove all the dead trees, and noxious undergrowth. He did a fine job, and allowed much needed sunlight...
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    It's Here!

    Picked it up this evening. So tomorrow morning, it's off we go to give the Bush-Hog a little exercise and stretch this little tractors muscles for the first time and see what it can do. Here's a few pics. (The FEL is sitting on top of the Cammond Box Blade.)
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    Recommended add-ons for new BX2350?

    Just ordered front and rear Bro-Tek skid plates for my incoming tractor. Anyone care to suggest any other add-ons for a newbie? All suggestions/advice appreciated.
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    Jumping in with both feet

    As a long time lurker and reader of all the wonderful posts on this highly regarded forum, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for all the useful information I've found here. Just placed my order for a new BX2350 from my local orange dealer in Denton, Tx. Specs & Prices: BX2350V: $9250 LA243 FEL...