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    Locked up MX 5

    Can the blades/pto shaft turn when disconnected from the tractor? Can you tie it up against a tree so you have access to the gearbox and underside? Usually when the MX's self-destruct the whole stump jumper and lower shaft assembly drop out the bottom. Every failure bemoaned on here happens when...
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    Indigenous microorganisms, Effective Microorganisms. no-till gardening

    Morning All, Not sure if a tractor group is the best place to bring up switching to a "no-till" style of gardening, but here goes... I love my tiller. It fluffs up the soil so nicely, and makes it so easy to plant... I like using it so well, I'll sometimes make 4-5 passes to have a pristine...
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    Yet another pole barn build

    Beautiful progress. The capboard really ties everything together, distributes the loads, and makes for much easier truss placement.
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    Durable plastic sheeting sources?

    Good morning, I'm working on a composting heat exchanger (aka Jean Pain?) to tie into the domestic water, and am looking for a 48" wide plastic sheeting that would be strong enough and UV/heat resistant enough to use over time to line the pile/keep the biological activity away from the frame...
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    American vertical hydraulic 3pt splitter

    Good Morning, I was hoping to find some personal experience with the American brand 3pt direct plumbed vertical(no horizontal) log splitter. I know people loves their Huskees, Speecos, Timberwolfs, Iron & Oaks, etc. but rather than have the question disintegrate into the round robin of what...
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    Another 32x40 pole barn project

    I went out and snapped some pics since I don't always describe things effectively. I used plywood which stiffened the structure, but still braced corner to corner--not needed I understand, but made me feel better--more insurance. The bracing obscures the bottom of the notch, but you can get the...
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    MX 5/6/7 John Deere gearbox solution found

    Hey All, Sorry about not getting pictures up sooner. Thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the cutting and reconstruction of the deck reinforcing bowl. For those that aren't staring at one--it's a steel bowl--about the size of a medium kitchen bowl with six holes drilled...
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    Turbo sockets?

    Well everyone has been at that point of desperation at some time turning nuts & bolts, when the hold is more than the material can bear, and you gorilla it, and you can't hope to pound the next size down... Replacing the 6.0 Ford oil pan from underneath, and those engineers have a sick sense of...
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    MX 5/6/7 John Deere gearbox solution found

    Good Morning All, Finally received the comer LF 227j gearbox yesterday. A number of people have shared their disappointment with JD after purchasing the MX series of rotary cutters, because output shafts break predictably, and the company version of "support" requires purchase of a new gearbox...
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    MX 5 John Deere gearbox solution?

    Hi All, Had the MX5 snap ring/retaining bolt flaw happen to me over the weekend & sheared the output shaft on the bush hog; no easy obvious fixes without investing half a new cutter in my lightly used one. Does anyone know of a domestic source for the comer industries LF-227J gearbox? Spanish...
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    Looking for opinions-new steel roof

    Hey All, I've been building a 30x40x12 pole barn this year, and yesterday the roofers came& went. I will post a recap of the whole project when done, and thanks to all the folks here who inspired the project! I insulated over the rafters & purlins with a foil faced product with the crew at my...
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    JD448 bh vs. woods bh7500

    Good Morning All, I have been shopping around for backhoes for my JD 3520 OS HST... there are a lot of backhoes available of there for that size unit. I know in the long run it is a frivilous purchase, but have made my mind up to get one. I will have to add power beyond (anyone fabbed their...