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    Bailing on steep fields

    At least you wouldn't have to chase them all over the field. Looks like they'd end up in a pretty tight group at the bottom.
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    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    There's the problem then. The discharge deflector takes 60" worth of clippings and lays them down in a thin strip. I've had several B mower decks and all of mine have had hinged spring-loaded deflectors. Just fold yours up and give it a try. I only use mine if I'm mowing an area where I'm...
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    Portable work benches?

    Example of Keter with adjustable legs and Worx Pegasus.
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    Portable work benches?

    Like you, I'm usually doing projects by myself. A decent portable workspace with clamps is like another set of hands. I have both the WORX table and a KETER table. Both are light and portable but hold hundreds of pounds. Deploy and fold easy. I recommend them both.
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    Anyone make a spline alignment tool?

    Looks like that would be only work if your PTO doesn't have a shield around it. Would be pretty awkward on my tractors. I second the pry-bar / large screwdriver through the implement universal joint on the end of the PTO shaft. Makes it very easy to tweak the alignment from the accessible...
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    sharpening mower blades

    Yeah. Me too. At the most! Thanks for the reassurance . . .
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    sharpening mower blades

    I have to admit that I've never heard of anyone that sharpens their blades after every cutting. Not sure whether I feel inadequate or relieved . . .
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Thanks! I was just headed to the store for more tin foil when I read your post . . .
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    Snow plow on FEL

    Do it. I have a Meyer plow that is pinned to a SSQA plate. Floats when you tilt forward enough to put slack on the chain. The weight of the loader isn't on the plow. Also have a snowblower on the back. I've tried multiple vehicle and equipment combinations and I think this is the best...
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    Radtech Blizzard quality?

    I have an 84" Blizzard on a 57HP tractor. It's a monster. I've NEVER clogged it. Will throw snow 30' - 40' where it's out of your way. This was the size needed to cover my rear tire track width -- I believe the best snowblower is the SMALLEST one that covers your tracks. I use mine on...
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    Propane questions

    Gasman's post above has the key info. The specs on the conversion kit should specify minimum and maximum inlet pressure to the generator. You can likely tee in anywhere downstream of the tank regulator where it's reduced to 10 PSIG. (EDIT -- You'd still need another 2nd stage regulator prior...
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Or the "firm whack" thread . . . I'd strap the cannon and carriage complete assembly to that dolly you have with 2" ratchet straps. Then pick up the whole package and hang it upside down. Everytime you walk past it give it a shot of PB Blaster in the ignition hole. It'll come out.
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    WR 20 hay rake

    The arms and the wheels and the tines are interchangeable with most wheel rakes. In times of breakdown I've swapped arms from one brand rake to another and only had to pull a pin to remove an arm and the attached wheels and install on another brand rake. Seems that Sitrex, M&W, Tonutti, and...
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    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    At least the tractor could pull a large solar array around behind it. Might take 40 acres to turn it around and would likely crawl at 1/4 mph, but seems completely plausible.
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    Land Plane/Leveler

    no I have a B2910. I'm not sure it will even lift my 7' Woods land plane. At any rate, I've never hooked it up cause I know I couldn't pull it.