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    Oh no! Failed valve stem

    I have the exact problem when checking Air pressure. These tires have been filled in 2004, I have checked air pressure many times, no weight on tires, 12 o'clock position, etc. Earlier this year I removed the stems and calcium pushed out, probably a few gallons. I drained an additional gallon...
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    Ideas for repairing radiator? REPAIRED!

    Please explain?
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    Where to find this piece

    No, you can't remove the studs. I couldn't find any mounts similar to the originals especially in metric. I used them and installed a lock washer and 3/8-16 hex nut. When tightening them up, try to hold the metal part of the mount to avoid damaging the mount.
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    Where to find this piece

    I just replaced those mounts on my 1710, dealer wanted near 50 bucks each! I found rubber isolation bushing that work for that purpose on e-bay. Only difference is they have studs and are a slightly taller...
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    Loader for Ford/NH 2120

    Where are you located ? Have you checked any tractor salvage yards ?
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    I have a bad feeling about this

    I am going through this now also, pump the calcium out, dismount the tires. Clean rims and inspect to see if they are usable. If usable, sand blast, wirebush and paint. Remount tires with new tubes and refill with ballast of choice, preferably not calcium chloride.
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    TC35 DA HST Starts and stalls

    Does it stop a soon a you put it in range selector or when you try to move forward or reverse? There is a seat safety switch that is used when the tractor is put in gear.
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    TC29D red parking brake plunger stuck

    I have a 33, the cable got rusted up inside and seized the movement. I initially sprayed some penetrating oil inside the cable, but I had to eventually replace it. Try pushing down on the handle with the brake pedal pushed down. You could disconnect the cable from the linkage and see if the...
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    Identify this PHD please.

    If it was a Danuser, you would be getting a bargain at 500.
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    Identify this PHD please.

    It looks like an Lienbach, they are good equipment. If the slip joint on the PTO is rusted up that may have to be replaced. If the gears and bearings feel smooth and check if there isn't any water in the gear box, I would try to offer 350? Look at the end of the auger and see if starting point...
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    Liquid filled tires

    I believe my next step will be to remove some fluid so I can at least check the air pressure. The tractor was jacked up on a level pad with the tire stems at the 12 o'clock position. I have checked these tires for many years with out this happening. I don't know either if calcium expands in...
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    Liquid filled tires

    With the tire stem at the 12oclock position, there should only be air coming out of the stem. With the tires filled to about 70% there should be no liquid at this point. Has air got between the tire and tube and raised the displacement of the liquid ? This is happening with both tires.
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    ATV sprayer

    How accurate do you think the mix on exit sprayer are ? My only concern is one of my areas that gets sprayed holds livestock and the insecticide manufacturer recommends a maximum percentage for this. I wonder how you can verify the exact amount injected ?
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    Liquid filled tires

    I was doing my spring check up on the tractor and when checking the loaded rear tires I had calcium coming out of the stems. When checking the stems are at the top, I usually apply some air to blow the stems clear of fluid before checking air pressure. When doing this I could bubbling, if I...
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    Does engine HP affect driving power

    Buy the biggest HP tractor you can afford, just like build the biggest garage you can afford. We outgrow them both in no time!