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    How to engage the pto on kubota m59 for chipper?

    I don't have my manual on me. I thought I had to tilt the seat forward to engage the PTO on the M 59. That isn't working. So either I am doing something wrong or an OPC sensor or somesuch is corroded . could someone check the manual and let me know for troubleshooting purposes? Thanks.
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    Thinking of buying a tilt trailer, advice please

    I'm thinking of buying a tilt trailer as loading my b3030 with woods bh 80 hoe is a total pain on my big pequea deckover. Hoe is set too far back, so it drags through everything. And the Pequea has a nice dovetail, but I really hate driving the b3030 up the ramps on crowned roads. All in...
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    Gravely mechanic in central Virginia?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a gravely mechanic in central Virginia?
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    Graveley mechanic in central virginia?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic in central Virginia who works on old gravelys? 60s vintage
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    Best backpack sprayer?

    Any one have an opinion on the best backpack sprayer? I have an unmowable hill which needs controlling - really steep pitch. I'm normally not a fan of chemicals, but roundup is the only solution I've been able to come up with so far. It's probably around a quarter Acre. So something decent...
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    Automatically refill tractor diesel

    SO I can't find this by searching, but I'm sure someone has dealt with this before. I just bought a 20kw tiger pto generator from messicks as a result of the latest power outage. Been thinking of it for years, and taking a look at the local electrical infrastructure we are definitely going to...
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    Is there a good Electric Pressure Washer?

    I need a new Pressure Washer, and was thinking of getting an electric one for light duty, and renting a commercial one for when I needed heavy duty. Posted this inside another post, but thought it would be better as an outside thread. I'm sick of small engine maintenance, so I'm thinking...
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    I bought a Pequea 18DO

    So I finally bought a trailer. Not quite the one I expected to buy. I looked for a PJ skidsteer type, but couldn't find one within a reasonable drive that was rigged out how I wanted. So I ended up buying a Pequea 20 foot deckover dovetail from Messicks. 2 7k axles, slide in rear ramps (6...
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    MaxBrake Review

    So based on the recs here, (primarily DiamondPilot) I bought a Max Brake tow controller for my 2007 Toyota Tundra. Thought I'd write a quick review for the curious. I'm not all that qualified to do so - only ever towed things without brakes before. But the impression I got is that it really...
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    Northern Tool Drill powered grease gun - any opinions?

    I need another grease gun, and was thinking battery powered for ease of use, though I've been happy with my compressor powered lincoln, there are always the standard hose issues. Northern tool sells one that runs off a cordless drill Northern Industrial Drill-Powered Grease Gun &#151...
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    is a rotary plow useful?

    I have a gravely rotary plow that I've never used. I also have a gravely rototiller head, which I do use. Is there anything the plow is better than the rototiller for?
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    what size gravel for driveway?

    I've been putting 3/4 blue gravel on my drive, on a base of crusher run. Its pretty much packed in to the road base, or washed off the hill, now, so I need more gravel. I have a choice between 3/4 or 3/8 gravel. Any opinions on the 3/8? Or why one would be better? Thanks
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    Best Weight Distributing hitch?

    Did a search here, and nothing popped up. Etrailer carries the Reese and the Strait-line. Can't really tell which is best - anyone have a recommendation?
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    maxbrake questions

    Is it fair to say that it's the best controller currently out there? I'm going to be loading the tundra up a bit, so I don't mind spending on a brake controller, especially since I've only pulled trailers without brakes before.
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    Do you like slide under ramps?

    Wondering what people think of certain ramp designs. I'm drawn to the idea of a skid steer/car hauler trailer like the PJ CC 6" for my needs. Seems like the main issue with some of the designs is the ramps stick up in the air, which looks like a lot of drag for long trips (gas is getting...