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    If You Were To Get A New 6 Ft Finish Mower - What Would You get?

    I have a 6’ land pride I pull behind a 37 hp grand L and I could not be happier
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    No more 'treadle pedal'

    With a bad right leg the treadle on the BX and B series was a pain. Upgraded to an L with cab and the re designed peddle is a dream
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    My 83rd Birthday

    I feel like a youngster as I only turn 80 this year been a great journey and I’m not ready to slow down
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    Who actually makes the tractor and whose engine and transmission does it carry?

    not to correct you but the most American truck is the Honda Ridgeline with over 70% of the parts American . The Toyota trucks are assembled in San Antonio but parts come from various locations as does the parts of almost anything you buy in this world economy
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    Car Accident Question

    Close to home, last spring my wife was hit by an Amazon contract driver who ran a stop sign. He was cited as being at fault. The situation became more interesting as he provided the police false information as to his insurance and truck ownership. It took two weeks and a letter to Amazon CEO to...
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    My Grand L 3240 cab tractor Step Modification byWaxMan

    I had the dealer put a double step on my L 3560 before I took delivery makes it. Uncheck easier to get in and out
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    Rim guard or not? Why a ballast box instead of boxblade?

    I use to keep a ballast box on the tractor until I found the “big tool rack” while some have said it’s too expensive I find it’s usefulness justifies the cost. Doesn’t extend any further than a box blade, allows me to keep all my yard tools organized and available and the large storage bin is...
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    Great looking stock, understand the advantages of composite for consistency but wood certainly enhances the rifle
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    Saying goodbye BX25, hello....

    Would like to have two. Traded up from a BX to a B ( in fact I’ve had two “B’s) one open and one cabbed the cabbed was too heavy . Traded up to a Cabbed “L” and love it but would like to also have a BX for the small jobs in tight places . For 90+ percent of what I do the “L” is perfect . Very...
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    M vs. L series in 45-60 HP range

    For what it is worth, I have had several BX and B series tractors and now a L 3560 and I could not be happier . The extra weight and wider track makes all the difference. I only gained about 12 hp but the weight difference larger hydraulic package is a significant upgrade while still having a...
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    Looks like our 13 troops made it home

    those thirteen young men, Americas real hero’s, understand freedom so much better then any of the people in Washington or as someone far smarter than me once said there have only been two people that died for you, the American soldier for your freedom and Jesus for you soul . God bless each of...
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    Kubota RTV 500 brakes

    I’m surprised no one had a comment
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    Kubota RTV 500 brakes

    Has anyone replaced the brake pads on their RTV 500. If not standby for sticker shock. The cost for pads alone is $72 per wheel . That’s $ 288 for all four wheels brake pads only and you instal no rotor work … and I thought Porsche parts were expensive
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    How loud is the RTV 900

    I ha e a kubota RTV 500 with a gas engine a d in motion it records 91-97 db on my meter held at chest height
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    Big tool rack

    I echo the great service. Mine arrived short some parts and Tim had them to me in a day. I say again great product and great service . Oh by the way quality costs money and I feel I got great quality and a very useful product for the money spent