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    Just A Little Shade

    Thank yall. I appreciate the comments
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    David Brown 1210

    That would be coming out of the clutch housing is my guess. Thats where the clutch/pto is on my 1200. Was you working it hard with plows or working the pto hard with a brush hog something that would strain it? I would let it cool and check clutch adjustments and see if I could tell it was...
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    David Brown 1210

    Can't really tell but is that right in front of the steering column?
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    John Deere 14t Billhook Damage

    Hello, last hay season my baler started messing up knots on the right side. Seem to be the same thing is was doing on the left the year before. I replaced a worn bill hook on the left and it fixed it. So I decided before this year hay season I would replace it on the right side. When I pulled...
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    Just A Little Shade

    I have had this cover for my tractor for two years now. It was given to me for Christmas two years ago. I was thinking how it would be nice to have a little shade this year bailing hay. So I knocked the dust off of it and installed it. Turned put pretty well I think.
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    David Brown 950 Tractor

    I have a david brown 1200 and I run Rotella 15-40 in the transmission, engine and even power steering pump. Also in the injector pump.
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    David Brown/Case 1210

    Hey, I have a 69 1200 and I have a shop manual for it. Would the specs be the same for the 1210?