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    Not Charging

    Looking at the above pictures, that looks to me to be an alternator, not a dynamo. I do not know this set up, but, if it was mine I would set my volt meter to AC, then put the positive lead to one of the two output wires and the other to earth [ground]. Take a reading and then check the other...
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    Crazy idea?

    A lot of power steering motors today are electric. Maybe easier to fit.
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    JD D140 part ID please

    The main use is to stop you burning yourself on the hot exhaust.
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    Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

    As a wild guess, it seems as the starter motor is not spinning it over fast enough.
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    A new Texas delicacy

    As someone said before, when we used to kill a pig on the farm for the family, Everything was used except the `pigs squeal`. Then, many years ago, I was passing a farm and the guy had `Pigs Squeal` for sale. I couldn't resist so I stopped and bought some. It turned out to be home made...
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    Question about cylinder head on first gen toolcat with Kubota V2203

    If you get the head off, clean it, and find a good bit of glass, get it on a flat surface, put some ink on it, gently lay the head on and move it about and you might see if it has any distortion or low spots.
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    When the exhaust goes down, then come up, as soon as it up all the way the inlet immediately starts to open. I've always been taught `the valves are on the rock`. So if you turn an engine over slowly, you will see number one valves go on the `rock`. Number one is the front of the engine...
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    What works against rodents

    We used to have a big old she cat that walked around the farm. She was half wild, put your hand down and she'd have all your skin off before you realized you'd made a mistake. Our farm dogs wouldn't go anywhere near her and my mother would sooner stop in the house if she see her. If the cat had...
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    Ahhh. it seems its a 3 cylinder. So, hold down the rocker arms on number one cylinder. Turn the engine so one arm [the exhaust] goes down. It will go down then come up. When it gets to the top, the inlet will immediately start to go down. STOP. mark where the crank is, turn it exactly one full...
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    Throttle won't stay open

    My understanding has always been that. Here in England, a jerry can be, first a large pot that was kept under the bed, so if you `had to go in the night`, it was `handy`. This is when the `loo` was down the bottom of the garden, and the `posh` name for jerry was `a chamber pot`, Now secondly `A...
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    Interesting Clutch Problem

    I don't know your tractor, but if it helps, my dad had a couple of tractors `David Browns`, that had a standard foot clutch and a hand clutch along side of the drivers seat. The hand clutch lever did exactly the same as the foot clutch, but if you was not in gear, and wanted to stop something...
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    Forget `all the valves`, just hold down the two back [No' 4 cylinder]. Turn the engine over the right way. You'll feel the last one go down, then come up, when it gets to the top, the next valve along will start to drop. STOP. you've just past `top dead centre` on number one cylinder.
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    Like jaydee above said but a slight variation, put in the last two push rods, number 4 cyl. , turn the engine and the rear rod will lift, turn slowly, it will go down but as soon as it gets to the bottom, the .next rod will start to lift. Stop. As soon as that rod starts to lift, you have just...
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    Smoking farmall a

    If you run it with the oil filler cap off, and a `lot` of gasses come out, it'll give you an idea of how much is going past the rings.
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    Front tire goes flat with tube

    I had the same problem once, turned out to be one of those Chinese tubes that had the tinyiest of leaks on what looked like a molding join. New tube, no more problem.