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    Massey Ferguson 263 front wheels

    Hi All I have a 263 Massey Ferguson 4 wheel drive and the front wheel seals keep leaking. I've replaced the seals and bushings and had the axle shafts built up and cut to size by a machine shop and a few days later the leak is back. It leaks from the planetary hubs. I've resealed it twice. Any...
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    Ford CM 224 engine swap?

    Hi All I have a Ford CM224 mower with a bad Shibaura S753 engine. My question is does anyone know if a Kubota engine can be swapped into this machine and if so what model Kubota? Anyone done a swap on this model mower? thanks.
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    Hi All Trying to help a farmer out with his John Deere 301A. He changed the hydraulic pump and now nothing works. No FEL and tractor won't move. He said if he adds oil to the hyd reservoir the oil comes out the dipstick tube and the reservoir won't stay full. Any Ideas?