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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    Good deal, Sylvain, thanks for letting us know how it turned out. Don't worry about whatever small amount of crud fell through. I found my breather too, and was able to take off the tube but not unscrew the breather itself. The tube was clogged at the opening with dust/oil and I'm betting that...
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    Zero turn vs hst tractor reliability

    Great Scott! That's beautiful! Care to tell us roughly where you are? I love pecan trees -- I have about a dozen 75-100 year old natives scattered around my pastures and hayfields. They're gorgeous, but their tendency to "self-prune" makes for interesting times when mowing tall grass around...
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    Ballast to prevent overloading of front axle

    Bdog, good thread -- this always deserves more conversation. Let m = weight on your 3 pt hitch. Let L1 = the horizontal distance between that weight's center of mass and your front axle. Let L2 = the horizontal distance between your rear axle and front axle. You will reduce the load (weight)...
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    Mx5200 hydraulic overheatimg

    This sounds like an interesting problem but I echo Michael in wondering how you know? Most machines don't have a hydraulic fluid temp gauge. (Does yours?) Which radiators are you talking about? Is it a HST or gear-drive machine?
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    Quick couplers

    ^^^ Yes. I have both types and they both work fine. The pointy type are designed to be able to hook up under residual pressure if you tend to face that issue.
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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    Well now I need to go look. Sure enough, in the parts diagrams there should be one a breather at the top of the transmission case, but I've never intentionally laid eyes on it or checked to see if it's clear. Will report back!
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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    Hmmm... is yours a hydro drive machine? In my gear drive tractor, I noticed that some pressure builds up in the hydraulic tank. Enough that when I added a rear remote once, a burst of fluid came out when I removed a cover plate. I have no idea where the vent is, if there even is one. Have you...
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    Washing an old tractor

    Lots of good points. Also remember: there's pressure washing at 4 inches distance, and pressure washing at 4 feet distance. Choose carefully and err on the side of standing a bit further away until/unless you need to loosen up some really tough crud.
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Replied in the original post.
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    That's a great question and I have an interesting answer for you with some pics; I'll try to find time to type it up later this afternoon. [Later that afternoon...] I added one rear remote to my L3200, essentially the same tractor as the current L3301. The Kubota remote kit for the...
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Wow! Lucky for you! (Lucky for my wallet I do NOT have one nearby...) I think you will not go wrong buying a cylinder and hoses and fitting there.
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Yep, it's that simple! As workinonit points out, you can usually buy the hoses/fitting you need preassembled but if not it isn't rocket science to screw fitting together. Or have a hyd shop do it for you, won't cost much.
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    I WANT A TRACTOR, but ......

    Spot on. Although tractors ARE incredibly useful machines and that's why most of us own them... no one feels the need to justify their fishing boat, vacation home or F250-to-drive-to-the-office on the basis of its usefulness. We own them because we enjoy them. [To be clear, I don't actually own...
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Yep you're absolutely correct, you'd need a top link that is 4" longer than your stock one. That should open up the options. My hyd top link is inexpensive but works surprisingly well, and might fit your tractor too once you install Pat's: Hydraulic Top Link-Tractor, 3 point | Agri Supply 90599...
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    What implement best for turf grading with compact tractor?

    OP: I faced exactly your situation a few years ago and have repeated this process on several 4-6 acre plots. Grassy/weedy areas that were terrible to mow, even required 4WD sometimes because of ruts left by previous property owner. I have a 32 HP tractor. What I did is similar to what has been...