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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    I am in Canada and I bought a new, off the lot DK45 about 12 years ago. Loved it for a couple of weeks then it stopped in the middle of a field. I crawled under, jiggled some wires and it started. This happened 3-4 times and the dealer (no longer a dealer) replaced the main wiring harness under...
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    Who has the most hrs .

    I have a DK45SE HST Kioti with what I believe is 23.9 hours (I had a bunch of eye surgeries right after I bought it and it hasn't had much use). We have sold the farm and moved to a 1 acre lot so the 45 HP is overkill but when I advertised it for sale I had a couple of folks who insisted it...
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    Toro Wheelhorse 520Xi - VALUE

    I have a chance to buy a Toro Wheelhorse 520Xi. What I know is this (stated by the seller who is the second owner): Year 1999 Model 520 Xi Purchased in 1999 for $11K Add aftermarket FEL with ON/OFF switch for hydraulics 25 HP Kohler Command Engine (annual service and uses only synthetic oil)...
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    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic leak

    Thanks seacap I had a few minutes today and was able to crawl under and behind the tractor with your "find the highest point" advice in mind. Now my challenge is to describe it accurately so instead, I also took a few pics which I hope will save 1,000s of words. I wasn't able to see any oil...
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    Any Electronic copies of KIOTI Manuals

    Need to replace my DK45SE HST owner manual and loader manual. I know they are available form dealer but wondered if anyone knew a site where they can be downloaded. Thanks Bob
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    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic leak

    Been away from this forum for a while. We sold our farm and have moved to a place where I no longer need my DK45SE HST. I was just moving the last few heavy pieces of statuary before getting ready advertise the tractor for sale and I noticed a dark spot on the ground underneath the area on the...
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    PTO Generator - which one to choose

    Hi Folks I, like many lately, have been exploring the stand-by generator option and I have come up with two possibilities that appear viable for my situation. I have a 200 amp manual pole top transfer switch already professionally installed. Option One A 25+ year old WINPOWER PTO Unit with 25...
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    Eutectic 2 cycle oil

    I came across a few cans of 2 cycle oil called Granberg Eutectic Two Cycle - says it is mixed at 100:1 ratio and is good in all 2 cycle motors - Chainsaws, pumps, mowers, trimmers, etc. Claims to be better (of course) than regular 2 cycle oil mix. I can't find anything on the web about this...
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    DK 45SE HST - Starting in any range not just neutral

    I may have mentioned this before but it seems to be the only little mystery left with my DK45 SE HST with cab. Since the wiring harness was replaced it has been running without fail but ... I notice when it is cold and I wish to start it there is no light on the dash to indicate if the range...
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    Heater Controls DK 45 SE HST

    I will readily admit to not always being the sharpest knife in the drawer but this issue has confused me. Perhaps it is a translation issue :laughing: In my DK45 SE cab, contrary to the instructions in the manual, I get heat when I turn the knob "COUNTER CLOCKWISE" and I get cold when I turn...
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    Convert KL401 to "Self Leveling"

    Hi Is there a kit to add this "Self Leveling" feature to a loader? Seems like a worthwhile feature and makes me wonder why it wouldn't be standard. Bob
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    Is the lower radiator heater cord shot??

    Had some rad problems and discovered a leak at the lower rad hose heater. Fixed the leak - a couple of loosened clamps - but now the heater is not working. I took some pictures (worth many words I think) and am wondering if anyone knows whether it might be the cord that is faulty. The other...
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    Anti-Freeze Issue or ?

    Hi I am looking for some advice on what I should be checking for the following on my DK45SE HST: A few weeks ago my temp gauge dropped to "no reading". I checked the rad and discovered it was down - approx one quart of 50/50 mix was added No evidence of leaks noted at this point A week or...
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    DK 45 SE HST Temperature Gauge

    Had a bit of a strange thing happen this morning - Started the tractor to warm up so I could do a couple of tasks - it was -15C here. (Around Zero F) It started easily and I let it run for 15 - 20 minutes Temp reading had come up to almost normal. Started first task and temp gauge went back...
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    Help with electrical connection for 12 v winch

    I have set up a 12 volt winch to run the rotation on the chute of my snow blower. It works fine in the shop but I need to figure out how to power it on the tractor. I can bring 8 or 10 gauge wire directly from the battery to inside the cab but I am looking for a simple and inexpensive plug-in...