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    Snowblowing with snowmobile helmet

    Hi Guys, Today I used the tractor for the first time this winter to blow snow with - pto blower, open station. The weather was perfect at around 20F and no wind at all !!! I found it so much better today and it got me wondering about using a snowmobile helmet when blowing snow - I can see lots...
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    Modifying Chinese Tractor to fit Front PTO options like snowblowers etc.

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking about the possibility of adding an adaptor to the front of my Chinese tractor to give me a front PTO dive take off. Whilst searching I came across this website that might just be a source of needed parts. Laforge Front 3-Point Systems | Equipment...
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    Tractor Ownership - Interesting Article

    Read what John Deere thinks about tractor owners these days. We Can't Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership | WIRED Gives onw pause for thought after paying out big bucks for the tractor - arrogance at it's worst.
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    Engine Heating for Jinma 554

    Hi Guys, To date I have not needed to preheat the engine in my Jinma 554 tractor as it is stored inside an enclosed workshop. The engine is the Fujian Lijia SL4105 ABT diesel. I am thinking that an engine heater might just be helpful even though it starts fine in cold weather. I have looked...
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    New MK Martin Snow Blowers

    Hi Guys, I am looking at possibly purchasing a newer snow blower - an 87" MK Martin blower. They have a five bladed fan instead of the four or older three blade fan. Does anyone have a newer Martin blower with the five blade fan? If so how do you like it ? Have included a link to their site. I...
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    Geothermal heating system and extreme temperatures.

    Hi Guys, I just tried posting a thread but lost it for whatever reason - so if it is duplicated you will know the reason why. I am interested in electricity consumption for a geothermal heating system in extreme conditions. I have a 5 ton WaterFurnace unit with horizontal lines buried...
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    Repairing Fibreglass Greenhouse

    Hi Guys, I am wondering if any of you have done much fibreglass repair work and would appreciate some advice. I have a fibreglass greenhouse that collapsed under a snow load last winter. The green house is around 25 yrs old and has suffered from UV and weathering, but it did survive that time...
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    1929 Twin City Tractor for Sale

    Just found this tractor for sale - thought someone would be interested.
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    Tough Tire Paint ???

    Hi Guys, I am wanting to paint steel rims for our harsh winter road conditions (salt, sand, grit and chemicals etc.) These are for my pickup and I will be driving though salt and chemically treated snow and slush. I have not thought before about road salt damage, but with the new wheels I...
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    Septic Lagoon Algae Buildup - How To Clear It ???

    Hi Guys, My septic system utilizes a holding lagoon, where the water evaporates (in theory). This year for the first time in eight years, the lagoon is covered with green algae. I have tried googling to get a solution but can only come up with expensive "fixes" - like buy our product or install...
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    New 72" TPH. PTO driven Snow Blower at Princess Auto (Canada) for $1,999

    Has anyone seen or bought one of these snow blowers ? Just found out that they had them on sale and I might be interested in one if I could get a look at how well they are made. Just a FYI for Canadian residents who are in the market for a new snow blower. Thanks
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    D170 Mower Deck

    Hi Guys, I have a 2011 D170 rider mower I bought in August 2011. Today I was mowing when the belt tensioning pulley went flying out of the side of the deck and into the bushes beside where I was mowing. The tensioning pulley bracket failed at 85 hours without any warning :eek::eek::eek: I spoke...
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    Removing Mower Deck on D170

    Hi Guys, Yesterday while mowing I managed to drive over a rather large stone and bent blades of the mower:mad:. Stone was not there last year and I can only assume that the freeze and thaw cycle has pushed this up to the ground surface:confused::confused2:. Anyway, I would like to remove the...
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    Jinma Hydraulic Pump - Failures

    Hi Guys, I just had a new high output E-320 hydraulic pump fail (2007 Jinma 554 tractor). It was installed just a few days ago and worked fine when installed. Today I was using the tractor and the FEL to clear some snow - and, because of the new pump, I was being very careful with my FEL. With...
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    Swedish Farmer puts a turboed Engine in hiis tractor !

    This is definately worth watching ! Swedish farmer puts a turbo engine into his tractor... [VIDEO]