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    M5700 Bracket Recall

    Was contacted by my dealer today about a bracket so where on the tractor that is causing problems. Wife talked to lady at dealership and just wanted to know if I still owned the tractor. She said a mechanic would be calling me to replace it? Dealer is about 50 miles from me. I値l let all know...
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Got it back from the Concrete Plant and out of the truck Had it figured to weigh at 1160 lbs ,, Its 1300 lbs. Now what Color ? Im a primary color kind of guy , always did better with a box of 8 crayons instead of 164 in Elementary school. Word to the wise - If you take yours to the...
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Off to the Concrete Plant to get it filled. Will attach pic when complete. Funny thing , did not relish the idea of buying 10-12 bags of Sakrete at $4-$5 per bag. Really did not relish mixing it up and pouring it , too much work and its hot here. So I stop by the Concrete Plant just to...
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Well fellas , it aint purty down in there. More later Sorry about the sideways pics , aint posted pics in a long time.
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    Parking Brake dash warning light CK 35 / 4010 hst

    Do you get a warning light on your dash when you set the parking brake and tractor is running ?
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    CK 4010 PTO SHAFT

    New to Kioti , trying to hook up rear finish mower today and can稚 get the PTO shaft to free wheel or turn. Like it痴 got a brake on it. All my other tractors you could turn the PTO shaft to line up splines on driveshaft of implement. So any help ?
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    You going to Germany ?

    Have 2 travel books with maps for Munich & Berlin . Been trying to sell on Craigslist for a year , Zero interest. Yours if you pay the postage.
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    Hydraulic fitting dust boots / rubber caps

    Anyone have a source for reasonably priced caps or boots for fittings ? Thanks
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    Walkie Talkie, Ham radio Freaks out there

    Not a Radiohead but have 3 each radio repeaters available. 2 each Motorola MSF 5000 programmable 1 each General Electric Master II system. Details available to interested parties. You can PM me.
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    New Kioti Owner

    Being delivered Monday. CK4010SE HST , EA GRAPPLE , Loader w/ 66 inch bucket , Backhoe w/mechanical thumb, 12 inch and 18 inch bucket, loaded rears, turf tires. I think that’s all. As my good buddy tells me Its Only Money ? Im sure you will all hear more from me.
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    Price Check B2910 sell price advice

    Just need a little help with decent asking price. One owner ,Always under roof, no known issues, always maintained. Fluids and Filters changed regularly. I think a 2005 , with 1735 hours. RCKS72 belly mower with no issues. No Damage or dents to sheet metal , No plastic damaged or missing , No...
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    Looks as if all the major ratings are the same for these 2 tractors. Such as Weight , 3 point lift capacity , displacement , rated RPM , dimensions. So where does the extra 5 HP come from on the 4010 . Please don't quote the actual engine Gross HP , and PTO HP as stated in the brochures or...
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    Differences - CK4010SE HST. AND. CK4010SE HC

    New to Kioti . Only thing I see different in brochure is overall height ?? HSE is 99.2 inches tall , HC is 91.7 inches tall Is the HC a Cab tractor? Is the HSE an Open Station Model ? Thanks
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    Kioti owners are Geniuses

    Been a Kubota man for 20 years. About time to replace my B2910. Looked at Kioti today and I was thoroughly impressed. You guys are smart !! Lot of tractor ( across the entire line it seems ) for the money. Just kicking tires , but when ready I Will drive and test. Never thought they would...
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    Model 2010 (model , not year) Bush Hog rotary cutter

    Anyone here own and operate a 2010 (model#, not year) Bush Hog pull type rotary cutter. 10 foot bush hog with a 9'9" cut. Supposedly a Medium Duty cutter. Looking for any type of input from owners so that I may make a buying decision. Have about 45 acres of pasture ( all clear and just...