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    Does anyone have this? If you do, do you like it? Pros, Cons...... I am contemplating this, as dialup in rural South Carolina, is getting old.
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    Delivery tomorrow

    :) I am so excited. I have purchased a L3400HST with a Woods RD6000 60" RFM, Woods GTC52 52" Rotary Tiller, United 560HD 5' Box Blade and a Howse 5' Scrape Blade. Weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Looks like I will get a lot of hours in this weekend.:D
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    MF 1528

    Hey Guys, I currently own an Excel Hustler Z 60" for keeping our 8 acres groomed properly, but without a tractor, I cant get other jobs done. Have been doing my homework, reading posts on here, and it looks like to me a MF 1528 is what I need. My question is.....How much should a MF 1528...