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    After rain B7800 will not run?

    I have a b7800, I am thinking they have a fuel shutoff solenoid that I would check. Loose wire or bad solenoid. Just a thought
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    Kubota l3800 horrible seat replaced

    my seat had a tear in the corner of the back and bottom and I super glued it and then put black liquid tape over it and it has held for about a year now. This tractor sat out in the elements unused for 6 years.
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    loader curl cylinder leak?

    no expert just did mine and did some research. My particular cylinder for y B7800 required not tools. I did heat the piston seal in 200 degree hyd. oil to soften and make it easier to install and then lightly put a hose clamp on the now loose ring to set back to shape. No tool was needed for the...
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    B7800 FEL leak

    I just did the one on my b7800. Easier than some. I made my own spanner wrench but the gland nut was not tight. No special tools needed. The hard seal was the only difficult on and I soaked it in 225 degree hydraulic oil so it would stretch easily. After it was on in was extra sloppy fit. I put...
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    2004 B7610 will not start

    I think I would start with the battery charge and for good connection. Check voltage drop through the cables. maybe for ease just put volt meter on battery and see if if drop excessive with the key turned on to start.
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    Hobart 160i questions

    Get a primeweld 225x and have tig and arc welder
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    Quich Hitch for B2320

    like to know what material you found that fits into itself like that. thanks
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    Starter problems

    You need to check all battery connections, ideally do a voltage drop test accross the wires to see where the voltage is lost.
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    Kubota B7800 No Power At Fuel Stop Solenoid

    I do not understant the Controllers function delay timer to hold fuel cut signal from controller to fuel cut solenoid for 1 second.?? unless that is for the off the seat fast to run stationay pto equipment.
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    B7800 shop manual & electrical diagrams

    If still available would like a pdf copy thanks Ed [email protected]
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    M4900 Part Question - Pics Included

    My b7800 has a dip stick in that area. Maybe look on Messick website for your dip stick and location
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    Oil & Fuel Kubota L4600 ran it out of diesel, emptied fuel filter bowl... won't start...

    On most diesels I will crack open all the lines at the injectors OPEN THROTTLE and crank till I see fuel coming out of the injector line. I like to close them while this is happening (sometimes it will start then) then close them all up and start it (here goes the haters) then a light spray of...
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    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I was working on my b7800 and found a coiled tube in the engine compartment that attaches to the firewall Tha looks like the breather for the gas tank
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    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I am new with my b7800, but I would start with tank drain valve. Any water in fuel, if you remove hose from filter take a sample in clear container.
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    Loader Where to put Hooks on M7060 bucket?

    I like the angle iron directly in line with the bucket cylinders.