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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    we are doomed with the idiots running this nation there will be nothing in a few years!!
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    Tractor has another fuel problem

    My Massey does that the switch has a short due to corrosion and i have to wiggle it to stay on. spray little starting fluid to intake if it starts and dies then it be in your fuel delivery still , if it didn't start then it be your soark
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    pulling a wheel off a tiller?

    I had to use a ball joint remover on mine and beat the crap, forgets the proper name oh hell that's an old thread LOL!!
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    Craftsman tiller - what would you sell it for?

    If you give iy away they will not appreciate it or take care of it, easy come easy go. Manyh years ago, i had an ole Toyota 91 model, ran good looked like hell warmed was a good work car. I put it for sale 300$ neighbor walked over and over and asked if it ran i said man here go drive it, he...
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    Craftsman tiller parts

    I have two of the rear tine self-propelled tillers love the way they till also have two front tine i call them wrist breakers !!]
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    Here in Texas if you ask to be let in to traffic i will let you in,but if you try to force you way in then it's game on!! my wife hates that about me and i do too. Turn the other cheek
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    Mostly it was a moral issue for me.
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    That there takes the cake how do you forget the lights/siren going to an emergency, HELLO?? Thats one of the reasons i loved emergency response, blow the horn lights and siren, duh!!
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    tank sprayer suggestions?

    Yes from tractor supply
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    tank sprayer suggestions?

    Bet you go hunting without a gun and just ugly your pry to death:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Road Rage, revisited.

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    1066 Battery Dying While Sitting?

    Wire all accessories thru the ignition
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    It is a crazy world, i too ran emergency traffic for many years and yes some folks do not like lights and sirens and anyone associated with them..
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    Who rides motorcycles?

    1982 FLHT Shovel and a Yamaha ttR225 recently spun the crank on my shovel so til i get it fixed my Yamaha will do for trips to the store and just to let the neighborhood dogs have something to chase
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    Well chlorinators

    I would set me up an aerator like what is used in the aerobic septic systems and that should get rid of the smell, for bacteria i would use the chlorine but in a very small concentration not to exceed .50 residual.