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    using up ignition points on 8N

    I have a 1952 Ford 8N that I use for general chores around our small horse farm. When I mow pastures with a 5 foot PTO driven Brush Bull mower I've noticed a consistent decline in how well the engine runs. It will start out running smooth with good power but soon starts to miss and die out...
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    8N 3 point lift capacity

    I have a 1952 8N in reasonable shape. I'm looking at a 3 point mounted implement that weighs 925 pounds. Anybody have any idea if the machine can handle this? I have a mower that weighs enough to lighten the front end if I lift it and head uphill. I don't have front wheel weights on it...
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    tire chains

    I have a New Holland L555 skid steer. Any reason not to put tire chains on it? I live in snow country and it's like a deer on ice. Use on all 4 wheels or just 2? Thanks.
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    Kubota M6030

    There is a 1989 Kubota M6030 4WD with FEL coming up for auction this Saturday. 1600 engine hours. Haven't seen it yet nor know much about Kubotas. I'm in orchard country so that is probably what it was used for. How do I get specs on this model? HP, tranny options, history, problems...
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    Rake TR3 rake

    Does anyone have any experience using a TR3 rake by HydroSeed Innovations of Osceola, IN? Originally designed by and for landscapers it apparently works well as a horse arena groomer for a variety of materials and conditions, which would be my primary use. Replaces several implements, simple...