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    HST vs Power Reverser

    I currently own a 4120 HST transmission CUT. I got the chance to drive a 5325 with 12/12 PR. I loved the stability, horsepower and hydraulics of the larger machine. But... but driving it drove me crazy. I really enjoy HST. "Enjoy" in the sense that it's easy to drive, easy to maneuver and I...
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    Seeding Question(s)

    Today I seeded my first field with my seed drill (Great Plains 3-pt mounted 3P600). I'm seeding a field with a mix of oats and field peas. I planted the oats first, then ran over it all again to plant the peas. My first question is regarding what to do next. Everything I've read says to roll...
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    Oil & Fuel Fuel Filter + Water

    I'm new to diesel engines. I noticed a bunch of fluid leaking from my engine. It looked watery but smelled like diesel. Investigating further, I figured out how to drain the fuel filter. I drained it into a mason jar. To me, it looked like all water came out (until it was dry). I started...
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    Grapple Grapple Hydraulic Hoses

    I got a bolt-on grapple for my front loader and brought her home today. I hooked up the hoses to my rear mounted 3rd valve and started playing. I raised the bucket really high to come down over the top of some wood and the hoses pulled and bent the rear valve to the side. They're obviously...
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    'Real Farming' with a CUT

    I bought my first tractor this last winter so am a relative new-comer to the whole "agricultural" world. Let me say that I wanted a tractor that would fit in our garden (surrounded by 8' high deer fencing) and would be a good tractor in the fields as well. I settled on the JD 4120. I had...
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    Row Crop Question(s) - Help me Plan my Project

    Project: Plant one acre each of Corn, Fodder Beats and Oats (or potentially barley) Equipment: JD 4120 - 42 HP / 35 PTO 6' Wide 3-PT Offset Disks (Rankin) 6' wide Rankin Subsoiler (7 shanks, 14" deep snaks) 6' Box Blade 6' JD Rotary Tiller 8' wide, 6' deep chain blanket harrow 6' wide water...
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    Hesston / MF small round baler question

    My JD has a 35 HP PTO. I was looking into the Hesston 730 / MF 1734 which does 30-52" diameter bales x 39". It requires a 30 HP PTO. My JD has a 35 HP PTO. The salesman is telling me that I can go up a level to the Hesston 745 / MF 1745 which requiers a 40 HP PTO. The bales are 30-62" by...
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    I love my 4120

    No story here. Just that I absolutely love this magnificant creature. I only wish I had more to mow. Other than the fact that I'd starve my livestock, would finish mowing 15 acres to 2" height be a bit overboard? :D
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    How many of you....

    So, how many of you have a field/pasture you've nicknamed "Armageddon"? Because, I have one. I thought I'd be clever and brush hog it to see how the land looked after the 10 years of neglect was removed. It took every ounce of my 4WD to get out of there alive. I think I'll let Armageddon be...
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    Suggestions on which animal to sacrifice

    My new 4120 arrived last Friday, in the pouring rain. Saturday: Rain Sunday: Rain Monday: Wind and Rain I know I live in Washington, but geesh. It's times like this I ask myself "what would a pagan do?"