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    New inventory at JD dealers?

    Also check Machinio, Tractorhouse and MachineFinder Machinio X738 listings Tractorhouse 4wd X7 listings MachineFinder Lawn&Garden Tractors
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    Putting mower to bed for the winter

    Leaves dropped late here in my part of Massachusetts. Had to go out one last time yesterday to clean the lawn up. First, we had to move the last of our firewood in the house and then I did the lawn. Ended up doing half of it in the dark just with the tractor headlights. Neighbors probably...
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    Is AB-1346 The Beginning To The End Of The GARDEN TRACTOR?

    If someone made a conversion kit for my X585, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Just swapping out the engine for an electric motor would be a huge plus and I think relatively simple. Wish I were an electrically smart guy as I would try to design my own solution.
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    Just bought a B2400–wanna make it right

    Nice find. Looks good considering the age. After you get that leak fixed, here are some other things to consider. If a grapple is not in the cards for you in the near term for your tree clean up work, you might consider a tooth bar for the bucket and/or clamp on pallet forks. I got a nice...
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    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    Thought I'd post an example of using bucket hooks with forks. I had to move our wishing well over our septic candy cane pipe for repairs. These are from when we put the well back into place before repainting it.
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    looking for an ideal garden tractor

    Solid choice! Congrats
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    looking for an ideal garden tractor

    Any luck? I see the Yanmar add is gone.
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    Tractor flip

    Holy crap! That guy has a guardian angel.
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    Kubota or mahindra

    A nearby AgWay used to sell JD Lawn and Garden tractors and the whole Mahindra line of tractors. The Mahindras used to sell like hot cakes every year. Then two years ago there no Mahindras on their lot that spring. I asked what was going on and they said they dumped Mahindra because they had...
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    looking for an ideal garden tractor

    Have you poked around on or for ideas? They link to used gear at dealers all over the country and sometimes have individual sellers.
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    looking for an ideal garden tractor

    Consider an old X series JD. You can get a lot for under $10K. If I exclude my snowblower on my X585 (its selectable 2/4wd), I got a loader, 3pt hitch, 54" deck with 14 bushel collection system. I don't have the rear PTO, but it can be added and I would still have been under $10k. Cuts grass...
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    Hooks on FEL Bucket

    I have three Ken's Bolt-ons.
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    Removing front wheel bushings

    I remember going through this with my L118. What a pain.
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    Noob question 4 wheel drive

    Agree with comments to read the manual for recommended operation. We have a 29HP New Holland TC29D with an HS transaxle. The manual states to use 4WD whenever doing loader work and pushing up the RPMs when operating with a load which I believe for that machine is a minimum 2500 with the rated...