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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    They are offering 0% for 60 months on SVL's at this time. Pretty tempting offer.
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    L01 Emissions?

    Cows pollute, cause erosion and use too much water. Just saying.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    The ultimate toy. Skid Steer.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    I am looking at options for new Kubota equipment. Not sure I can decide by the end of June. I know the last time I bought it was in the fall and they offered 0%. Is it common for it to be offered several times during a year?
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    Is CL dead?

    Around here you search cl for something and get a hundred not really related results. I listed an expensive mower, got a text from someone several states away, they turned out to be a scammer. Two weeks more and no contacts, put it on equipment trader and it sold. CL is just not what it used...
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    Buying New | KX-033 vs. KX-040 | Compact Excavator

    I also have a KX040-4 with 6way. Bought it a couple of years ago. I also wish the thumb was wider, I hope someone comes up with a retro fit. I use mine often moving brush and a full width or even one twice as wide would make a huge difference. I am quite happy with the power of this although I...
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    1st Post- Looking at an Old L5450

    My first tractor was an L4350. That was a beast, I used it to push over 30ft cedar trees, mowing and moving dirt. It had about 3000 hrs on it when I sold it. If it had a cab, I would probably still have it. That series was super strong.
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    Buying Advice Cab and Mid Mower Options

    I am on the hunt for a 40ish hp Cab tractor that can run a belly mower. Kubota L3940 HSTC would be my first choice. As there are not too many for sale, I am wondering what else might be a good choice. I have an L5740 and will likely sell it after finding a good unit. It just uses way too much...
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    Had a flat and didn't notice soon enough

    I was mowing in tall grass. There were some old tree stumps and I guess I hit one and it popped the bead. I didn't notice when it happened and when pulling back to the shop, I saw it was off the bead on both sides. The bead is split radially on both sides like the picture. Does it appear to be...
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    Backhoe Backhoe operation on a cab tractor

    On a Kubota Cab tractor, is it necessary to get off the backhoe and climb in the cab for moving the tractor while trenching?
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    Excavator Aux hydraulic ports

    I was going through the kubota configurator for a KX040. I am wondering what the aux hydraulic ports would be used for if you bought it with a thumb and hydraulic quick coupler. I could see one for a tilt bucket, breaker or drill. What would you want two aux ports for?
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    Kubota Excavator KONNECT HYDRAULIC COUPLER universal?

    I understand the manual quick connect is somewhat universal. Is the hydraulic one specific to Kubota or more general?
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    Kubota KX040 6-in-1 blade

    I am on the hunt for an Excavator. I see this 6 in 1 blade and wonder what it brings to the party. I know an angle blade makes sense, but is a 6 way going to be the new option on all or just a novelty?
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    L5740HSTC Backhoe worth it or different route

    I have wanted a backhoe forever. Had the L5740HSTC for a few years I hesitated getting a hoe for it since I would have to get out of the cab to do any work. I am trying to decide if I should even consider it or look for a dedicated backhoe loader or excavator and skidsteer as a replacement. I...
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    Rear Finish Mower Looking for the Better Rear Finish Mower

    I currently have a Woods RD8400 I pull behind my L5740 and it cuts well. My only grip is the clumps of grass it leaves behind. Even when doing light cuts. I am looking for something new that will handle cut grass and lay it out more evenly.