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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    I do. How far away are you?
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    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    Ive been looking at Everlast plasma cutters. They can be used for a plasma table should I want to do that some day.
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Still for sale. Open to reasonable offers.
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    Everything will be electric soon. Hope battery technology takes a leap forward. I love my electric car. Oil changes are a thing of the past.
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    Newbie mini ex questions, and Kubota KX vs U series?

    As a guy who bought a KX040 a few years ago. I can say for sure, I wish I had more reach. Working in trees I have to be careful not to swing into a trunk, but other than that I am happy with the standard counterweight. If your cutting trails in slopes that might be deep enough for a...
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    How far would you travel for the right tractor?

    I bought my used L5740 sight unseen and had it shipped 1200 miles to me. No regrets.
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Pretty much. Its a big heavy piece. Shipping would be expensive i bet.
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Price updated
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    Open to Reasonable offers
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    WoodMaxx FM88H Flail Mower

    I bought this in May 2021 and used it for around 5 hrs. I bought it with both hammers and blades. It cuts well and the hydraulic side shift very nice. It became clear it was not the best option as I need to back up quite a bit while mowing trails. So I hope someone else can put it to use...
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    They are offering 0% for 60 months on SVL's at this time. Pretty tempting offer.
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    L01 Emissions?

    Cows pollute, cause erosion and use too much water. Just saying.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    The ultimate toy. Skid Steer.
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    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    I am looking at options for new Kubota equipment. Not sure I can decide by the end of June. I know the last time I bought it was in the fall and they offered 0%. Is it common for it to be offered several times during a year?
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    Is CL dead?

    Around here you search cl for something and get a hundred not really related results. I listed an expensive mower, got a text from someone several states away, they turned out to be a scammer. Two weeks more and no contacts, put it on equipment trader and it sold. CL is just not what it used...