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    Price Check Appraisal

    Two suggestions 1) Get on the internet and find many of the same make, model for sale and print the offerings. Take the average and provide the lawyer the supporting documentation. 2) Prepay, to your account) $1,000, and commit to the dealer, in writing, that you will pay $100 an hour (or...
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    Who appointed you the Membership Participation Nazi ? Just because you don't agree with Jeff, you think he should drop out ? So, since I don't agree with you, shall I wear your "Nazi" hat and invite you to drop out ? Jeff has made tremendous contribution to this website over the years. At...
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    SKramps - how much do you want to make an hour ? Unskilled labor around here is $25 an hour and pushing for $30 I think you've got to get no less than $45 an hour, and high end $60 an hour, including time to load and unload. Add the cost of the tractor and fuel. Not less than $15 an hour...
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    Deere 950 drinking coolant

    My understanding of the way the reservoir works is hot coolant expanding flows from the radiator to the reservoir, which acts as a storage tank. Then as the coolant cools (contracts), radiator vacuum pulls water from the reservoir back into the radiator. By your filling the reservoir when it's...
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    Thinking about purchasing a mini Excavator for the farm ?

    You are in the same position as was I, 7 months ago. My Kubota B3200 has the same type of back hoe as your tractor, and I had jobs the tractor/backhoe could not attempt. I bought what I believe is a well cared for Yanmar mini. Driving around the farm, I continue to be glad for the backhoe for...
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    Oil & Fuel Add 20 year old oil to motor?

    I first investigated this in conjunction with purchase of Shell's special oil for high mileage cars (meaning, already have a lot of miles on the engines). The only place I could find that stocked it was a distributor in Texas and that company had 90 cases. I lived in Alabama, and was going to...
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    Troy Built Horse

    Agree with all 2manyrocks says. Harbor Freight has comparatively great prices on tubes. As you consider alternatives, learn what company, and at what charge, tubes can be added to your tires/wheels. Not every tire company can work on small wheels and that company may not be willing to...
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    Oil & Fuel Add 20 year old oil to motor?

    Using old oil was better than nothing. However, I take a divergent view than the others. Oil additives begin to lose their effectiveness in five years. OK to use in a low value motor, especially mixed with a greater quantity of new oil. But do not use by itself, and I'd not use it in an...
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    1978 Ford 5600 Transmission Dipstick Length

    This will get you started, pending a better answer from someone, or receipt of your dipstick 1. Measure the distance from the top of your cap to where the dipstick would begin if it were still affixed to the cap 2. Measure the same distance on a website picture of the dipstick. That gives you...
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    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    Because the blades are longer, the roots deeper, roots access more water which will continue growth during drought. Supposed to cut no more than 1/3 of the blade length. So if allowed to grow to 6", cut two, But if grass length is 4", then cut 1.3". Takes longer to grow 2" than to cut 1.3"...
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    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    Expect to mow every four days. That's the short answer Your big box mowers almost certainly cannot be made to cut 4", but that's the length you want. Don't rely on the setting - measure from a flat, concrete surface. Long grass makes for long (deep) roots, which will better survive droughts...
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    Dixie Choppers brand (zero turn ride on mowers)

    Anytime I see a business changing hands a number of times in a short amount of time, moving here and there, or not sticking to their core business, I become suspect of income, management expertise, and application of business principles. I've linked below just to what Wikipedia has to say. Me...
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    Elastic bandages by the foot?

    You're going after the problem (twisted ankle), not the solution (stop twisting ankle). Get some good boots with a 10" shank. Something like combat boots.
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    Just like a car dealer, they don't want you to shop by phone. As it used to be said "You can't sell a car over the phone." You've got to go to the dealership. The further away you are from the dealership, they think the less likely you are to purchase from them. Less face it, what you want is...
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    Fruit tree puzzle???!!!

    Call Virginia State Forestry. Depending on your acreage in woods, they'll either come out, or you can text pictures. If pictures won't give you a diagnosis, then send leaves, and slash of bark, maybe a slab of wood. They'll set you straight with the problem, AND the solution. Good luck with...