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    E bike recommendations?

    Specialized is the only one I would consider. They make e bikes in 4 or 5 styles (road, mountain, commuter, etc) and each in different price points depending on components. They are fantastic. I am an avid cyclist for 40 years and very informed about what’s out there. Go to a dealer, get fitted...
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    trail brush maintenance - Samurai Cutter - Sicklebar or similar option?

    I would also use my grapple to widen it where possible. Rip out all that small growth if the big trees don’t prevent that.
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    Stihl KM 131R kombi review

    All the logging roads and zig zag lanes are shooting lanes planted in clover, oats and peas. There is a stand at every apex often looking several hundred yards in multiple directions. These are trimmed every year with my Kombi saws. Lots of miles.
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    Kubota Mechanic in upstate SC.

    My Kubota M6800 needs some repair. I have various leaks in seals and routine issues like bearings that need addressed. My dealer closed several years ago so I need a good tractor mechanic who can tackle these things. Do any of you guys know a reliable mechanic in the Greenville area? I...
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    What’s causing this drip?

    My Kubota M6800 has developed a drip in the front axle. There’s no Kubota mechanic nearby. And I have no mechanical skills or desire to learn. What’s your best guess on the cause? I assume this is gear oil, and I expect a bad seal. It almost looks like it’s coming out of the grease...
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    Anyone have good luck using electrolysis to remove rust from wheels?

    I used it to clean old hoppers from an Rusty row planter. It works great. I used a plastic trash can and rebar for my sacrificial anodes. And sodium carbonate which I found online. Here’s before/after pix.
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    What rear tractor tires to buy?

    I’m in need of new rear tires for my Kubota M6800 4WD, size 16.9-30. I will fill these, and want R-1 Ag tires. I use it for general work on my hunting property...disking, Bush-hogging , and FEL work. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but want good quality. What’s your advice on what tires to...
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    Pulling a drag harrow with an ATV

    I’m considering buying a drag harrow (standard chain type) to pull with my Polaris 550 ATV. I’m looking at a 6’ wide, 8’ long Tractor Supply version the weighs about 248 pounds. I want to pull it over tilled soil after broadcasting seed. Will this be too big for my ATV to handle? Any of you...
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    Pull Type Disk, Would My Tractor Pull it?.

    I have about the same size Kubota. Loaded tires, 4WD. I pull a offset disc, narrower than that one but every bit as heavy. But an offset is more aggressive, ie bites more. Even though I set it at the least aggressive angle, it still taxes my tractor, especially in damp soil or uphill...
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    Water pump replacement.

    My radiator on my M6800 needs replacement. Now that I’ve disassembled everything, I’m going to replace the water pump, thermostat and hoses and belt. I’m not a mechanic so are there any tips? Bought new gaskets for both the pump and thermostat. Obviously I need to clean the mating...
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    Disc Harrow Industrias America 3 point disc

    I’m looking at this Industrias America model 2220 disc. I can’t find any information on this company, nor the weight of this disc. I know this brand is not a name brand, but it looks pretty decent and very heavy. Discs are 22”. I’ll use it for primary tillage of small food plots. Any...
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    Disc Harrow Your opinion on this old harrow

    I’m looking for a harrow to disc some remote food plots, that are in tight places. I have a big offset disc that works great, but it’s a pain to transport. I saw this old Deere disc, about 7 feet wide, and it looks in decent condition. Anyone have any knowledge of this Model 100? I also...
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    F3990 Radiator Fan Replacement?

    I just finished removing my radiator from my Kubota M 6800. (It sprung a leak). My fan is chewed up also from a previous stick. I’m going to probably replace it and the water pump now that it’s all disassembled. I didn’t try to remove the fan without taking off the radiator, but it would...
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    Old plows with available wear parts?

    I’ve restored several plows. Both were old Ford plows, and I had no trouble finding parts. The old Deere plows would also be good. One warning, make sure you buy a plow with some sort of trip mechanism, either shear bolts or spring trip. When you hit a rock or root, the plow will trip, and...
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    Disc Harrow Can I buy a big disc harrow and reduce by removing blades

    There is no simple answer. Is the disc a three point hitch model or a tow behind with hydraulics. Is your tractor four wheel drive? How heavy is your tractor? Are your rear tires loaded? Are your tires good? How wet is the soil? Disking is affected by all these. I pull a big offset...