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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I know what you mean about tight turns. My lower pulley is fixed. I have been using this winch successfully for a number of years so there isn't a huge problem. Just wish I could always lift higher from the bottom one. My concern is over stressing the top link and maybe damaging the tractor...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Good post Gordon. I thought I was the only one to get logs hung up! It looks like you are skidding pulling on your lower pulley . I try to do that on hard pulls when I can. However I am not always able to raise the butts off the ground from the bottom one. And as I raise the winch it rotates...
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    Hydraulic fluid.

    My Kubota mx5100 manual calls for engine oil change every 200 hours and hydraulic oil every 400 hours. It has hst trans.
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    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    My nephew and I own identical lx188 John Deere lawn tractors. he faithfully cleans and oils his deck every fall. I do absolutely nothing but sharpen blades once in a while and pull out "some" of the dead grass grunge. Both decks are identical and in good shape. And both are 29 years old. This...
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    Now that is new to me. But when I think about it makes sense. All the linkages from the front are turning all way back to the transmission even when not in FWA. They just aren't pulling. I thought the fronts were just spinning on the hubs. Have I got it right?
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    Kubota MX4700/5100 question

    I have an MX5100 and went through this too a while back. I contacted Kubota. The gear ratio you are looking for is 1.559. I attached my correspondence which I hope comes through. Never tried attaching before.🙂 There is a formula to use with this ratio to assure you are in the appropriate front...
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    Just another UDT oil question.

    I like your reasoning and self honesty. I use a similar approach but. Some guys feel once the tractor is paid for that cost doesn't count.
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    Diesel Running Backwards

    I had the same thing happen 5 years ago. Using winch at low rpm I stalled the engine pulling a heavy log. I let go of the control rope instantly and it started backwards. Winch wouldn't pull, hydraulics not working, wouldn't rev up, and oil light on. I shut down immediately and restarted and it...
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    Why does my MX5200 HST go in and out of 4wd so easily?

    My mx5100 goes in 4wd easily but comes out hard often. If backing up doesn't work I lift the front wheels with the loader.
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    Clamp On Tractor Bucket Hitch Recommendation

    I have one that slides on one fork and locks. Simple and quick. I use it for splitter and boat trailer etc
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    Ballast to prevent overloading of front axle

    This is the perfect example of rear 3 point hitch taking weight off front axel. An extreme example but makes the point. Years ago when I had an 8n ford tractor if I lifted my bushog going uphill the front got so light I couldn't steer. Same effect. The front axel is the fulcrum for the FEL...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Here is a new question for everyone. Does anyone market apple firewood? I am in the process of a several year project clearing a 4 acre old pasture on the farm which started growing up 50 years ago. I am chipping brush and cutting and selling ash and maple . But there are numerous wild apple...
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    Buying Used Rotary Mower

    I bought my bush hog in 1976 when my father died to keep the old farm cleaned up. I used it until 4 years ago mowing 20 to 40 acres a year depending on the year. Used hard. I also did some neighbours...bad idea. I hit rocks, old wood piles, even old car engines! Never do others properties as...
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    warm up

    Chrystal clear.
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    warm up

    I agree. Check the manual. My mx5100 requires warm up from a few minutes to 20 minutes depending on the temperature. And that is at high idle 1500 to 1700 rpm. And the manual states this is to loosen up the hydraulic fluid which is circulating during warm up. I choose to follow the builders and...