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    XJ2025H ballast

    I’m contemplating recycling an old 3pt carryall into a counter balance / tool carrier. By the time I add some concrete, treated wood floor and sides for the box, the frame and the typical tools, chains, etc, I’m guessing about 675#, plus both rear tires are filled. I’m guessing that should be...
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    2019 LS XJ2025H

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    Landpride QH05

    Im looking for a quick hitch for my XJ2025. I don't want to mess with the adapter bushings. Has anyone bought the Land pride QH05 that has true Cat 1 pins, no bushings needed. Their website says it's for a SCUT up to 28hp and can lift 700#. I have a couple box blades, landscape rake and a 6'...
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    LS XJ2025 MMM questions

    XJ2025 Mid mount mower questions. I picked up my new to me 2020 XJ2025 a couple weeks ago and this week I found a used MMM for it. I finally got around to installing it today and mowed with it. It cuts much better than my old worn out RFM. However, I have a few questions for those of you...
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    LS XJ2025H

    In my search for a new to me tractor, I ended up buying (2) LS XJ2025H, I posted on for sale in the for sale forum if anyone is interested. Thanks,
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    2019 LS XJ2025H

    2019 LS XJ-2025H, 25 HP (24.7) diesel 4x4 tractor. 222.7 hours (may rise with use). 2 range hydrostatic drive, separate pedals forward/reverse, 3 pt. hitch, mid and rear PTO electrically controlled, skid steer quick attach bucket, quick attach/removal loader. $14,000. XJ Archives - LS...
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    Tell me about a Boomer 24

    I had found a 2017 in NE Arkansas with about 80 hours on it listed for 13k, I called and it could be bought for 11k. In my search I found an LS XJ2025 version of the Boomer, 2020 with 18 hours, I bought it for 12k. I liked the Boomer, but it didn’t have a SSQA bucket system.
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    I got to play around with my new ride today. It will lift almost what the old JD did, still tweaking on the loader, I need to find a hydraulic pressure gauge. I hooked up my old crusty 6’ finish mower and it seemed to do a good job, my last tractor was a 37 hp/ 33 at the PTO. Overall I like...
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    XJ2025 Hydraulic adjustment location?

    Thanks for the replies. I’ve owned my old JD tractor for 14 years and understand “lift at the pin” rear ballast and the whole bit. My old tractor lists 910# at the pin, the new one 1276# at the pin. It wouldn’t lift the pallet the old tractor did. I have read somewhere you can tweak the...
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    XJ2025 Hydraulic adjustment location?

    I picked up my new to me 2020 XJ2025H with 18 hours on it today. By the time I got home from the road trip it was dark. All unloaded and safe in the shed for the night. While playing around a bit, I put on new my pallet forks and tried to lift a pallet of firewood and it wouldn’t budge. Of...
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    Picking it up tomorrow.
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    JD 1050 with factory backhoe

    If anyone is looking, I just listed mine in the for sale section. Thanks,
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    John Deere 1050 tractor, loader, with factory JD backhoe

    Very rare and hard to find! John Deere 1050 37 HP, turbo diesel, 4x4 MFWD 4WD tractor with loader and factory JD subframe mount backhoe, JD pin on bucket and pallet forks. 3010 hours, mid to early 80’s year model. I’ve owned the tractor for 14 years and put over 1200 hours on it. Good...
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    Titan Implements Sub compact pallet forks

    Could be, I picked up a 42” set today for $547, they were heavy to slide around by hand, but I don’t think they were 250#. He had one 48” set left for the same price.
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    Titan Implements Sub compact pallet forks

    Does anyone have a set of Titan Implements made in TN ( Not Titan Attachments) Sub compact pallet forks, 1200# rated? I’m trying to figure out how much they weigh. I contacted the manufacturer and have 2 answers 215 and 249. Does anyone have any experience...