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    Down/up control on pulled implements

    This is basically an opinion poll. And I expect a lot of rolled eyes on this subject due the inane and anal-rententive aspects of it. I had a discussion the other day about hooking up hydraulically controlled implements. Let's see if I can get the gist across and get y'all's thoughts: I was...
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    M95S (or new M96S)

    I am seriously considering one of these. I started out looking at the 9540 but it is a significantly smaller chassis than the M96. Right now I am using a 4320 to pull a 12' cutting disc, 20' pulverizing disc and a 20' pulverizing disc. I am wondering how close to the edge of its envelope the...
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    NH TD75 or Kubota M95

    I am torn between these two tractors. The Kubota is only about 7k more than the NH. (for 20 more HP!). I know this should be a no-brainer (I am leaning toward the Kubota). I have heard few folks complain about their tractor being too large. Both tractors are at a dealer I like (where I bought my...
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    Struck by lightning

    This was the biggest, prettiest tree in this hay meadow. It is in the back of the meadow and I didn't notice it until I went to check on the rye grass hay that our hay cutter had just laid down. There are several large chunks blown several yards from the tree. What really struck me (no pun...
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    sweeper magnets

    Anyone use one of these? I am not talking about the little "brooms" w/ a magnet in them. I am looking into a 48" wide suspended magnet I can hang from my forks or possibly from my landscape rake. I would be interested in knowing what I can expect as far as performance using it to pull debris out...
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    Digital answering machine to PC

    Here's one to twist your noodle. I bought Mom a new phone the other day. Got around to hooking it for her yesterday. Here's the problem: Her old cordless phone had a digital answering machine (as does the new one) but.... she had 23 messages on the old phone. Turns out she kept most of the...
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    I have GOT to get one of these!

    Check this out. The videos are every redneck's dream. Classic "hey, y'all, watch this" kind of stuff.
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    Synthetic in my Honda Foreman

    Ok, I ran synthetic oil in a bike I had before and within a month I was replacing the clutch pack (wet clutch). Repairman at the local Honda shop blamed the synth oil. Now, I have a Honda Foreman and I know the synth would be better for the engine but I don't want to burn up the clutch. Any...
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    What I did on Father's day

    A little leveling project on one of our small hay meadows. This tractor was the last big project Dad and I had before he passed away in January of this year. We bought this at Brinkley's Auction in Idabel, Ok. and went throught the motor. New pistons and liners, new turbo, rebuilt inj pump and...
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    Coolant - Water Wetter

    Made by RedLine Oil. Anyone use this stuff? I have seen it mentioned on a couple websites for increasing cooling system performance. Like everything else, the product site sure talks a good line. Usual things...lower temps, corrosion prevention, will not rip run or tear... Snakeoil or Sound...
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    FEL mounted grubber

    OK, I used the search feature... really I did. I even tried google. Anyway; Some time ago someone posted some pics of a homemade FEL mounted grubber. Anyone have any idea where I might find those pics? Thanks y'all PS> I should mention this: Yes, this request is so I can blatantly copy their...
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    Pull type shredder

    Anyone remember the old Ford 100" shredders? We had one when I was a kid and it gave a near finish mower cut on large areas. Who makes one similar? Closest one I have found so far is from Rhino. Anybody know of any others?
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    Illegal dumping

    Why is it some people take the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" to mean "I'll dump my garbage out in the country on somebody else's land"? I have picked up several mattresses, TVs, couches, etc. Not to mention all the bags of just household garbage. We have found addresses...
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    Mobile Plasma cutting

    Ok, I have Lincoln Ranger 10000. I am about to pull the trigger on a Hypertherm600 plasma cutter. I plan to use it in conjunction w/ the welder on several "on-site" jobs (i.e.:building fence corners way back in the boonies). I notice in the specs it seems to require [email protected] (if I am reading...
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    survey on age for first firearm

    Another post here got me thinking. For the firearm enthusiasts out there; How old were you when you got your first firearm? I mean at least rimfire. Pellet and BB guns don't count (and yes, I know they can be just as dangerous so don't start that). My son is 6. I think that is still a tad young...