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    New Post and Today's Post

    This only gives me new posts when I sign in.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I guess when a city posts a road "No Trucks Allowed" they probably have a reason.
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    Belt for 914A MMM

    My belt has some chunks out of it, but still works for now so I hate to remove it. Can this belt be obtained from aftermarket sources? I know I can get one from a dealer online for $50 plus shipping. Hoping to acquire one locally. All I know is it's supposed to be 159.8". But I don't have any...
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    DR Trimmer model question

    Anyone know where DR hides the nameplate on their wheeled trimmers? Model and serial number? I just acquired one used and can only find the engine number plate but nothing for the trimmer itself.
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    Looking for info on older Bobcat mower

    I'm possibly going to an auction soon that has a Bobcat Zero turn mower. All I know is it's an orange color, has a steering wheel not levers and has a front mount 72" deck. I'll try to attach a pic. I'm looking to find out what engine. I assume it's gas. How well do they hold up if taken care of?
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    Backhoe Older Kelley Backhoe

    I'm going to look at Kelley Backhoe that has been stored 10+ years. The owner said it fits a Cat 0 or a Cat 1 tractor. It only has a 3"sq boom. No hydraulic tank or pump, just fed from the tractor hydraulics. I would assume it would be a B15 model. Anyone know what I'm going to look at?
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    New advertiser

    I see The Smart Farmer has finally come to his senses and decided to start advertising in TBN. The greatest tractor resource on the internet. Welcome
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    Thank You

    Thanks TBN for the remembrance of 9.11.2001
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    Group 4 ROPS??

    Here's some new info on the Group 4 ROPS that are to supossed to be available for shipping by 9/12. Fits 1600, 1700, 1700B, 2000, 2000B, 2210, 2210B. Group 4 ROPS Edit........changed 2010 to 2210, sorry.
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    I did not know that New Holland was Kubota powered. This guy seems to think so. eBay Ad
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    Thanks for nothing PineRidge.....LOL

    I was approached by my Administrator yesterday saying she needed to meet with me early this morning. I asked her "What for?" "For alleged internet abuse by visiting a "banned" website." "What? Me? What kind of banned website?" "Weapons" Now, lets go back 3 weeks in time. There has been a big...
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    Man, 80, hurt in tractor accident

    From the Columbus,OH Dispatch Man, 80, hurt in tractor accident Sunday, June 12, 2005 ALEXANDRIA, Ohio — An 80-year-old Licking County man was injured when he was pinned under a tractor on his farm. Alexandria firefighters were called to the farm at 4939 Castle Rd. in Liberty Township just...
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    Anyone looking for a Yanmar?

    I ran across a good deal at LMTC's website today. A YM2000 with a new Sitrex 5' finish mower for $4200 cash. Might be worthwhile checking out if you're looking.
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    Re-Decking a Trailer

    I was wondering......Since the new pressure treated lumber is not really good to use in contact with steel, what should someone use to put a new deck on a trailer with? The trailer I have is decked with plain 2X6 lumber painted, but I'd like to replace it with treated lumber. Am I going to have...
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    New banner??

    Got this tonight