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    3550 HST Price - New vs Used

    I am planning to purchase a 3550 HST + 75B in the next couple months. Local dealer is at 39K for a cash purchase or 40.5K financed @ 0% for 84/mo. I also found a used setup with 130 Hours that I could have delivered for about 30k. What do you think about the new price? Upside of this is...
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    Mahindra 3560 w 75B BH (3550 vs MX5800)

    Im looking to purchase a tractor that will be used for a bit of everything on a hilly and woodsy homestead. - 4WD - Heavy, Wide, Stable - HST - FEL - with 3rd function - 40+ PTO HP to run a decent Brush Hog and my Chipper Shredder - solid backhoe that will be used for digging stumps, laying...