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    Wal-Mart meat!

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    Wal-Mart meat!

    I bought ground beef there Sunday and today Tuesday it's brown!!. Since the town closest to just has them and pigley wigley I'm just go there now after reading about them and there underhanded ways.
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    Show What Tool You Made*

    I built this.
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    Need advice on a wood shed.

    I have to build another wood shed it's going to be 16'x 12' a lean two. Now my question is I like to use metal to build it or use 4x4 for the posts the metal I can get is sq. Tubing and 11ga. Wall thickness so will this hold up to Northern Wis. Snow?.
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    Strolling around with no cares.

    I. Was about to go outside when I saw this.
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    Brush b gone....

    This stuff is good kills everything!.
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    My take on the everlast 140 mig

    This is my 2nd everlast fist one is stick and tig 200st. The mig welds ok but what get me is not numbers at the dials. Machine that I use always had a read out maybe thoes old ones of the 90s had no numbers don't know so this is going on CL it was my fault going CHEAP.
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    What kind of spider is this?.

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    My pig roster

    This is the 1st one I built still have some more to do on it before I put fire to it.
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    Engine oil

    What type of motor oil do I need for a fatmtrac 555 and how many qtr. Does it take.........thanks.
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    Trailer demo.

    It's going slow!. Well tomorrow I cut the living room ceiling hook it up to the bucket lift and drive to the burn pile in the field. What I am cutting on is some type of fiberglass or something could not get the sawzall to cut it to think had to use a cutting wheel.
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    Chainsaw chain

    Is there a chain for a chainsaw for demo work that will stay shaper longer then a regular chain?.
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    Trailer demo.

    Yeah I will use a chainsaw I'll just put a 16" bar and chain.all the whole room will be cut and throw in the trailer also the wood is half rated so I can smash the with the sledge. There no time limit on this. Here's the back
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    Trailer demo.

    Another update the one with the tracks I use my tractor to pull half way then I took the tin out of the furnace piping put strap thru attach to my little ranger put in 4x4 and go! It even surprised me what I was able to do with the ranger since the 2500 was hooked up to the trailer.
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    Log splinters for tractors

    I am having frustrations with the Ariens log splitter I bought. So I am wondering how reliable the splinters for the pto are and what brand is good.