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    What's your "go to" pocket knife?

    Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD. Only about 2" long closed. I carry it everywhere.
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    Brush Identification

    I've been clearing more of our land and was curious as to what I've been cutting down. Property was open field 30+ years ago and has overgrown since then. A large majority of the vegetation is what's shown in the pictures. It's anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall with stems generally less than 2...
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    New Pole Barn - Some Assembly Required

    After a few years of reading about everyone's pole barns (and learning a lot on this site) we are finally getting our chance. Very excited! :D The materials were delivered today and the construction crew should be here in the next day or two to start. It's going to be 30x40x12 with an 8 ft...
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    Plow Advice

    Good Morning. I am looking for some information and advice on this plow. It is made by Pittsburgh Forgings and I believe it is a 2-12. There is no model number marked on it. Searches don't turn up a lot of information under that name. I think I remember reading somewhere that the company also...
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    Confusing Trailer Specs

    I was looking up the specs on a trailer I own because the data plate is faded. It is a 1997 Hudson Brothers Model HTLG16. According to Hudson (and my original paperwork) it has an empty weight of 2,170 lbs. and a "Maximum Payload: 7,000 lbs (with adequate hitch load)". GVWR is listed as 9,170...
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    Front/Rear 4WD Gear Ratio - Ford 1620

    Good Evening, I am trying to find out the front/rear gear ratio for my 1995 Ford 1620 4WD tractor. I e-mailed the local dealer with no response. I have called and explained what I was looking for and they seemed confused as to what I was asking, said they would look it up and call me back. Nope...
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    Ol' Blue's back in action!

    I bought Ol' Blue in 1995 when we had a cottage up north, but we moved around a couple times and ended up selling the place in 2002. Since then Blue's been homeless, staying at various friends' houses, sometimes having to brave the elements when no indoor storage was available.:( Well, this...
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    Valve Selection for Rear Remotes

    Hello All, I think I have read just about every thread on this forum regarding adding rear remotes for a TNT system. You guys are awesome. Thanks to your help I have just about everything figured out, but I have a question about my valve selection. My tractor currently has a 1/2" ID line...
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    Moldboard Plow Sizes

    Hi Everyone. When referring to the size of a moldboard plow, such as 12, 14, or 16", which part of the moldboard is being measured? Thanks.