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    New galvanized trailer, how to protect from corrosion

    Hi all. I just bought a galvanized utility trailer and on the way home I had to drive on a gravel road that they had just graded and sprayed calcium chloride. I had planned to wash the guck off the trailer when I got home but I forgot and today when I went out I noticed some pretty bad pitting...
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    Roof replacement advice needed

    Hi gang. I need your advice about the work I am about to do at our home. I am going to get the local code requirements tomorrow but in the meantime I'm in a quandary. The house is not quite 30 years old and the existing roof is OSB sheets 16" OC. The OSB is frighteningly thin, I think it's...
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    Fluorescent light question, can i remove 1 of 3 bulbs?

    I have a retail store and it was just remodelled. The engineer recommended against LED lighting, which I wondered about as there are a LOT of light fixtures. The fixtures are brand new 4 foot long, each with one electronic ballast and 3 T8 32 watt bulbs (with a reflector). There are 311...
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    Bad car drive on flooded road - what was she thinking

    I mean I am glad people helper her, but geeezzz... Video Gallery - The Weather Network
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    Going to the 100th Indy 500!

    So my wife and I and two friends just got tickets to the 100th running of the Indy 500! I've been to NASCAR races but never an Indy race and the 500 has been on my bucket list for some time. Have any of you been to the 500? Any suggestions for what our "must see" or "must do" items should...
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    What type of vacation do you like?

    For about 30 years all my wife and I have done when we have time off work is stay home and work on one thing or another with the occasional day trip thrown in. There actually were two vacations we took, one just about 30 years ago when we drove around Quebec for a couple of weeks and 3 days we...
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    Well pressure switch not cutting in

    I'm having this odd problem and I wonder if any of you have any ideas. I have a convertible jet pump that works on a 60 foot drilled well. Water is down about 30 feet and the pipes go down about 45 or 50 feet. Standard rig, injector at the bottom. Pump runs on 110 15 amp circuit and is in a...
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    Video of worst roofing job ever

    Wow, all I can say is WOW?
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    Pig roast timing issues, can i cook the pig the day before?

    I know it is not the preferred method, but is there any health reason I cannot cook a pig (pig roast style) a day in advance of a party? Specifically, I would cook it, let it rest and then cut it all up and put into metal trays in the fridge. The day of the party I would transport it onto...
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    What guage wire to use

    Hi all. I have to power a new hot tub. The tub comes with a 40 amp GFCI and the wire run will be 55 feet. What do you guys think for the correct guage? Should I go #8? The wire has to come through the wall of the house from the panel, and will run in a zig zag route around the...
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    man cuts down protected trees on preserve to have a better view - genius

    I don't know if there is more to this story but it sure sounds like a remorseless selfish act. News - Man chops down 22 protected trees to improve his view - The Weather Network Thought some of you man find it interesting.
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    Hollywood legends, I like Audrey Hepburn. Who is yours?

    There are so many different people we hold in high esteem, albeit for different reasons. I've been watching a lot of old movies lately and am smitten with Audrey Hepburn. So classically beautiful, a war survivor, noble by birth, talented and filled with benevolence. She's the sort of...
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    Ferrari F1 engine comparison V6 V8 V10 V12

    The thread about "do you like the sound of your vehicle" made me remember this video. It is great!!! Which do you like best? I like the V12 and V10 way more than the V6 or V8.
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    CK30 won't start again, must be low voltage but where.

    So every fall my CK30 has the same issue. Turn ignition switch on, buzzing from glow plug relay, won't start. Have had good advice on this forum before but even after searching threads I cannot figure it out this year. Last year tractor would start no problem if I ran a jumper from negative...
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    Snow pusher ok for CK30 hst

    You know what, I am not sure if it has a rubber edge. The one I can get for $1500 has hydraulic angle and trip feature so would be better from a wear and tear point of view. But the pusher with the sides would move more snow (which may not be absolutely necessary). This is the one I can...