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    Garden tractor flip

    Yesterday while unloading my Sears Garden Tractor from the back of my truck, which I have done several times. Let me first say I was using a pair of 2x12 for ramps. My truck is a 4x4 dually kinda high up. I was backing up and I think I had the back wheels going down the ramp when the deck...
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    What do you guys think of 3" pipe for making corners for field fence. It is 1/2" or 7/8" thick so no way is it gonna get bent or rust out anytime soon. The guy wants a $1.25 perft. have no idea if its cheap or not. It comes in 10' lengths. Iam kinda thinking of driving about 4' down with...
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    Another property dispute

    I recently purchased 8acreas next to me, from two owners. The land next to me is the orginal (whole) tract. The one next to it had 1acrea and a house carved out and sold. The seller had the land cut where he kept 20ft along side the 1acrea he cut out and the other (whole tract). The seller of...
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    d-11 cat
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    Well a while back you guys had a discussion going on about the diesel trucks. Someone said they had heard of a head problem with the duramax, but didnt know anybody. Well now you do.. I have a 2002cc4X4LT with the dura and the allison. Found out today that one of the teeth on the flywheel...
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    What do you guys think about this: 2000 JD5210 45Hp. 4wd self leveling loader. canopy 85hrs. Box blade, roto tiller, brush hog, scoop, middle buster, disc and a finish mower. For 25,000. I believe the mowers are either Rhino are bush hog brands. Iam waiting on the guy to call me back...
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    JD Pic

    A picture from last summer. kinda miss all the green..
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    Anybody know the wattage needed for a generator to run a 30amp travel trailor? Thanks
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    Yesterday on my way back from New Orleans I spotted a backhoe mounted on a 4 wheeler. It also had a back fill blade mounted underneath. I dont remember exactly but I think I saw out-riggers too. It looked really neat, I have no ideal how it works but looks like it would be sorta fun...
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    Iam gonna throw this out there, Does anybody know where to get a chain that has a d-ring of sorts really shaped like a triangle and a hook on the other end? I had one that was about 3' long but it seems someone needed it worse then me. Not able to give much more info then this it came from...
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    Trimmers Recall

    Awhile back we were discussing trimmers, there is a recall on the troy built trimmers. It seems the head can split and cause some bodily harm. any how this isnt tractor safety but it is safety.. Anyhow you can go to the Troy web page and read more about it..
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    jd 4600

    Ok fellas heres a nother one, jd4600 4wd w/ 460 loader hydro transmission and cruise control.. 18995.. I copied the ad, called the dealer he said less then 100 hours and its a 99 model.. What do yall think? He said like new, which I believe that.. Any way going to see in the morning...
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    First try at this. This is the pic of the grinder Ive been talking about.. Its not a great one but will try to get an action pic this weekend..
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    Price Check price tc45

    i got a quote of 20700 on a 45 with loader and r-4's no other options on the machine. how does this price sound. by the way iam in the houston area.