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    Thoughts on GST transmissions

    I have a 3130 gst I bought new in 2005. The only thing I did was change the fluids and it went through 1 battery.
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    Thoughts on GST transmissions

    2005 3130 no problems.
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    I beam leveler for my deer food plots

    I welded up some I beams and used a sono tube filled with concrete for weight to help level my food plots. Works good so far.
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    Kubota RTV-XG850

    Kubota just came out with a new gasser UTV. Reading the stats it sounds impressive with the dump box engine braking etc. Listing around 14,600. Any thoughts??
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    A few autumn pics

    A few autimn pics from this last weekend.
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    Honda pioneer 1000-3 eps

    Does anyone own one of these? I was thinking of selling my Polaris ranger 500 efi and getting one of these as a step up. I need downhill braking, and I like the load capacity of the Honda in the specs. I had many Hondas and never had a problem with them. For that matter my Polaris Rancher 500...
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    Cabin Snow pics

    Still quite a bit of snow on the ground for this time of year but had a great time digging out and getting ready for spring at my cabin. L3130 has never let me down...
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    Cut an Ash Tree Yesterday

    The Emerald ash borer is killing a lot of trees in my area so I might as well start using the wood before it's too late.. Kubota worked out well as I was a 1 man work party.
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    Kubota Super UDT

    I just bought 11 gallons for my scheduled Hydraulic change on my Kubota 3130 GST. I paid 102 dollars per 5 gallon bucket and 42 dollars for the hydro filter. On top of that I got a 10 percent veteran discount on the total bill which I thought was pretty neat. I always put the correct best...
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    Kubota Repairs

    Not to start a war on brands and such but I feel the need to mention this..... As you cruise through the other brands of tractors a lot of folks are posting about a lot more problems than Kubota owners are posting on the Kubota boards. I am a Kubota owner and glad I bought one. It seems there...
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    Kubota grand l 3130 battery

    I just came back from my property and had to put the charger on my poor Kubota as the battery has finally decided to weaken substantially. I want to replace the one that has been in there for seven years but I forgot to see what group or dimensions it had on it. I want to pick one up and install...
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    Trail groomed with box scraper

    Couple of vids of trails I did with my tractor. View from UTV. Upper Trail Video by gizmo285 | Photobucket
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    New Shoes

    Ordered the tires and received them in 2 days free shipping. Can't wait to put them on. I have a 2012 Polaris 500 efi and I wore out the Stock 489's. These should be a huge improvement over the stockers.
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    Underground elictric to Pole barn

    I am running underground 2x2x2x4 al underground cable 85 ft from my cabin to my pole barn. I am going to come out of my panel in cabin with 60 amp breaker and go to sub panel in pole barn to a 50amp breaker. I will be using a separate ground bar in the sub panel to separate neutral and ground...
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    Waiting patiently for its new home

    I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat....