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    Wiarton Willy makes his Ground Hog Day prediction

    Willy says winter is over, no shadow, I live about 17 kms away and it looks a lot like winter is thriving here, so a shadow means 6 more weeks, I think no shadow means 5 weeks and 6 days, he gets free room and board for this all year long,:groundhog::confused: enjoy the rest of what ever it is...
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    Flu vaccination, yes or no.

    Just wondering who does or doesn't get the flu shot every fall, I have been getting it for several years now and this year I also got a "Shingles vaccination, flu shots are free in Ont. and shingles vac. is free for anyone from 65 to 70 years of age. Flu has never been an issue with me but I...
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    Wrap your tractor around this Enjoy
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    Wiarton Willie predicts early spring.

    I think he wasn't quite awake. Wiarton Willie predicts early spring, Shubenacadie Sam says 6 more weeks of winter | 680News
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    ******** CRIBBAGE PLAYERS ********

    The wifie & I put in winter hours playing crib. last fall while out wandering around local mall we came across a board game called Kings Cribbage. Brought it home, excellent game, sorta like Scrabble, if you havent heard of it check it out, if you have it give your thoughts on it.My winter has...
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    Universal 445 differential leak

    I have a Universal 445 that started dripping from the bottom of the diff. out a hole on left side of bottom surface. hole has what looks like a cotter pin hanging out, same thing on right side but not leaking. fluid is real milky color. dip stick on top shows way above full. I have drained...