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    angle grinder discs

    You kind of have to look at the time saved in your cost analysis as well as the cost per disk and wear rate. For some of us time is money
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    Brake line flaring tool?

    I am curious as to why a tubing cutter would not be appropriate. It is what I used when I had to flare rear brake lines on my V-35 square body one ton. The line was smaller but the conclusion I came to after countless practice flares was that my rigid yoke was bad but the rigid biscuits were...
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    Front wheel bearings failed L5740

    I am not familiar with the particular set up but usually tapered rollers are held in place by a nut and the nut is tightened or loosened to adjust the preload. if the stock ball bearings are held in by snap rings how are you adjusting preload and what keeps the load from trashing the snap ring...
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    Bale spear problem; Quick attach easy with FEL/not with BS.

    the torque tube is used to align the left and right side of the ssqa adapter on the tractor side.
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    Bale spear problem; Quick attach easy with FEL/not with BS.

    your torque tube on the loader side looks like it has been replaced (rusted square tube) perhaps the bucket and ssqa tractor side are the ones that are twisted and the bale spear is the straight one.
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    Brake line flaring tool?

    rigid 345-DL
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    Brake line flaring tool?

    rigid makes a nice one but I think I got a bad one. my yoke must be off because I couldn't get a straight flare with the rigid yoke. I have to use the yoke from a cheap flaring tool with the rigid biscuits to do the double flare. the biscuits that came with the cheap flaring tool don't work well.
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    3pt ballast design questions

    here is a pic of mine. you can see where I had to add a second receiver tube because I failed to take into account the length of the legs in the final design phase.
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    Storage in tube in loader

    Hay dude, just to clarify. does yours have the accumulator inside the tube or on the tube. I want to add a soft ride system to my tractor but I'm looking for ways to package the system. I want to make a system similar to wr long's confort ride but with piston type instead of bladder. finding...
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    3pt ballast design questions

    you might have trouble seeing the ball when hooking up a trailer. I formed a cut out into my block before pouring. will try to get a pic tonight
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    3pt ballast design questions

    I see it is already built but the point of a counterweight is to get weight behind the rear axle to take weight off the front axle. But you have to compromise with maneoverability. I would have moved the weight back a little. but you don't have a huge amount of capacity to play with so I...
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    Woodland Mills WC88 vs WoodMaxx MX-8800 vs WoodMaxx WM-8H for 60HP Kioti DK6010SE

    I would go with the WC88 if I were you. I have a wc68 and I"m kind of wishing I would have gotten the wc88. you can slow the feed right down to zero so HP is irelevant to a certain point. you wont be able to chip 8 inch trees with 10 HP tractor but... The reason I chose the wc68 is that the...
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    JD 5105 Fire

    Then you would be stuck replacing it with tier 4 junk. Sometimes what we have is priceless and can't be replaced. Glad no one was hurt. That is one good thing with JD, You probably can get a new harness. It will cost an arm and a leg but parts support is there.
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    B3350 and diesel particulate filter

    He mentioned it before, he wants to replace his TC24 with something HST with a little more power.
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    Rear PTO engages normally then disengages after less than a minute.

    sounds like the seat switch. some tractors have a time delay to let you get off the seat and flip it up so you can run the pto without being in the seat. but I would think you would have issues with the tractor stalling when you move it. Is it HST