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    Beavers !!!!!!!!

    Yeah, bevers don't seem to have any sense of obligation to a home owner's "rules". Like yourself, I'm content to let them do their thing as their main dam is below the developed part of our property, however they insist on building, building, damming, damming until the water starts to back up...
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    Accurate garden soil testing?

    Thanks much for the info/links. The folks at Cornell are probably a bit more scientific about this stuff than myself. ;) One consideration is that I have a number of different garden plots & raised beds, each with different soil from various places so I may try the lab route for the main garden...
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    Accurate garden soil testing?

    Getting near time to start the vegetable garden again. Thinking that perhaps this season rather than my usual "plant and pray" methodology I'll try too apply at least a minimum about of science. Testing the soil seems like a good place to start. But the last time I tried one of those meter...
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    Who writes owners manuals?

    As a former manual writer-- software apps not hardware-- you nailed it exactly. When hired to start putting together a new manual the biggest challenge is typically trying to get the developer(s) to understand that: "No, you can NOT just assume they know how to do that!" An in depth knowledge...
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    I have to laugh, sarcastically, when commentators say things like, "just download this or that app on your Smartphone". Yeah, right. Then what?? They seem to just dismiss those living in areas with no cell signal or available Internet option. I only have to go a mile from home before I lose a...
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    Can this hose be repaired?

    Fired up the Honda WX 10 water pump for the first time in awhile. Worked great, BUT found out there was a hole in the hose. Not that I couldn't have used a cold shower given how hot out it was, but I'd prefer not to have to deal with that again. Wondering if there's any way to repair such a...
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    Looking for decent battery charger

    Finally tossed this old Craftsman battery charger that I've had for years. Pretty much stopped working and I never was that happy with it in the first place. Looking a quality, not not hugely expensive ("Pro"), charger that can charge 12V car/truck batteries as well as Deep Cycle marine batteries.
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    Building a bridge: PT or rough cut??

    Finally getting around to putting a bridge together that will span a small stream. Main supports are two railroad railings that will sit on very large, flat rocks on each end. Wondering what would be the difference between 2x PT as opposed to 2in rough cut with respect to overall life span? It...
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    Trencher attachment for tractor?

    I'd like to dig several fairly long trenches and am wondering how well an attachment like this might work: The ditch the backhoe makes is way too wide and messy and the length of the trenches I want to dig make a manual labor solution unattractive to say the least...
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    Remote temperature sensor/monitor??

    We expect to be away for an extended period this winter and I would like to find a quality remote temperature monitor device of some kind that we could use to check temperatures in our house at home remotely.
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    Inexpensive reciprocating cordless saw?

    Too many choices out there to make a decision! Have a need for a cordless reciprocating type saw as a gift for a family member. Usage will be light-- perhaps to trim branches on shrubs & bushes (too thick for loppers), occasional use to saw up dead branches for kindling, etc. Looked briefly at...
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    What type of batteries for trail camera?

    Wondering what type of AA batteries are best suited for trail cameras and if the more expensive ones actually perform much better (last longer) than ordinary alkalines?
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    Well water with SULPHUR smell!

    Returned after 3 months away from home we found that what to that point-- 20+ years-- of great tasting well water, now the water has a pretty strong sulphur odor. After a few weeks the smell may have been lessened just a bit but still very obvious. Had the water tested and were told that yes...
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    Cedar deck help please!

    We'll be putting in a new cedar deck this week and are getting some different opinions as to treatment options. Some say just wait until the deck is installed then apply treatment while others say it's important to pretreat before installation. Would appreciate some informed input as to the best...
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    How did you build your floating dock?

    Will need to take a look at the options for upgrading or replacing our current floating dock and would like to know what others might be doing that works for them. What we have currently are some large, floating billets under a PT frame.