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    Galvanized bolts? Need 36 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

    I just go to the local hardware and pick em up!!! Time ya pay fer shipping and such ya wont save much.
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    What is up with battery sizing?

    What group size was the original???
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    quick attach

    for houser52
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    How are you dispensing gear oil?

    I use this.
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    Was moving snow banks and then...

    I add a valve the first time I change them.
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    Bucket Hook Placement

    I think ya stole it from me!!!!:laughing:
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    This one one is cool, came up on it at a light today
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    My new Cornpro deckover

    Looks a lot like my 8 year old corn pro...... I just got this one this spring to replace my 18 year old 7k....
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    My stuff for firewood
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    Replacing Cutting Edge

    MY 724 was factory drilled and the first thing to go on it was a double edge!!! I should never wear out the original.
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    Saved from the scrap

    My boss was going to junk this. A few hours of repairing some loose & corroded wiring it was running fine, and I have a nice portable to go along with the DialArc 250. Then I had to paint it up a bit:thumbsup:
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    Finally finished bucket hooks

    I got around to putting the last 2 hooks on. I have to get some more Chevy orange engine paint to finish up. The Kubota paint is not even close. Both Chevy orange and Allis orange match much better.
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    Pittsburgh plow ID

    Does anyone know the model number? It looks just like a Ford 101. I do have the landing lever off as it was bent.
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    Snow The snow blower has arrived !

    It came in yesterday. I just had to set it up and be sure all was well. The only issues were 1 bolt missing and a couple of paint scuffs.
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    Bucket hook pics

    Since ya all like pics, here is a couple shots of the ol' 3940.