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    Stumbled onto reliable rural internet access

    We use Verizon Hotspots from our 4 mobile phones with a hotspot data cap of 15GB each. It works perfect for all uses until the cap is met and they start throttling us. All we really need is for Verizon to stop the throttling!
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    Zero Turn for 4 acres?

    Get one of these:
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    Price reasonable?

    Getting low ball offers, folks wanting me to throw in mower/bush hog for less $. I feel most folks have 30 hp in their heads as minimum. What's a reasonable price? 24 Mahindra 215 4x4 Tractor Loader ~45 hrs
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    Grasshopper mowers

    I have this. It was made by Grasshopper back in 1994. I have no idea how it will hold up but i'm bullish on it. I see some Snapper Z-rider diesels in NC (Craigslist) that I would consider if I were you.
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    This is BLASPHEMY, but here goes...

    I own a 2004 Mahindra 2015 with loader. I use a ratchet rake on it along with a box blade (aka grader box) to rake my driveway once a year. I really don't use it for anything else. The blasphemy part, I'm thinking about selling it. I have a Suzuki Kingquad 750 and a snow plow. Anyone ever...
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    Buying Advice URGENT - Woods 5215 diesel

    I'm inspecting a 5215, Kubota diesel, 60" deck, 800 hrs with VAC this weekend. What should I check?
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    Couple of Harbor Freight QH questions

    1) You will need to tweak implements to fit. You should get the hook with the QH. I use the adapter since my implements could not easily be modified to accept the hook. 2) No 3) No
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Siping vs. Grooving in R4's - Wet snow

    For those of you who have done both, which would you say helps the most for WET slushy snow? I can sipe with with a sawzall, but I need a tool to groove. Also, I don't want to shred my tires for no results. One more thing, from what I've read and observed, siping runs PERPINDICULAR to the...
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    2015 Tire Fluid Question

    So we had a blizzard in my area recently. I had 18"+ on my driveway. The 2015 with no fluid did fine until I got to a hill. I was scooping snow out and dumping to the side. Once I got to the hill (around 12% slope) I got stuck in the road. I could not back up the incline with the loader...
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    Mahindra glow plug conversion questions

    Will someone please share the following for their SINGLE HARNESS glow plug conversion kit?: NGK glow plug timer number - ? NGK glow plug numbers - ? Did you NEED the wiring harness - 19672985000?
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    Grading What works a tractor harder?

    What works a tractor harder a rotary cutter (cutting 2' field grass) or a tiller (cutting thru 6" dense field grass)? I guess I'm pondering which requires more HP?
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    Agmate Finishing Mower

    I have the 5' version; bought for $749 two years ago. They're Chinese of course. In fact parts reference "china estate mower' on Agri-supply's website. Rear discharge requires less power to operate so I pulled it for a year with a 12 hp PTO tractor. It works fine, parts are available and...
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    Snow Scraper blade mounted to FEL?

    I found these pictures online, perhaps someone here. Who has done this and how'd it work for you?
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    2004 Mahindra 2015 Gear, FEL 258 Hours $5.8k

    Thought I'd share for others reference. I got this in January off CL. Keep an eye out for bad ads. The seller did not mention it had a loader or the low hours and the ad had no picture. Good luck!
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    Baby Pig. Now What?

    Wanna trade?