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    Battery powered chainsaw

    EGO 18" for 2yrs, had their leaf blower so figured why not. Great for working a med size pine or less. Bigger cuts work the battery pretty hard tho. Oil tank seems to run low when battery does. It's convenient for having around and I don't have to deal with another carburetor! I also like being...
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    New CX2510!

    My CX has been a pleasure to own as well if it helps.. just hit a yr with it but only 30hrs if run time. Had 7 pines taken out a few weeks ago, man I loved the EA grapple. Mover 90% of the logs without getting out of the seat!
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    Would you buy a 30 year old truck with 51 miles on it?

    I used to drive mail from Spokane to the outlying rural post offices around Wa and Id. The company had a fleet(15+) of these Internationals. The "Ol Grey Mare" had well over a million on it. Just kept chugging. While I'm not searching for one, I do feel like these were well built, DEPENDABLE...
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    Kioti CX2510

    I have a CX2510hst which was purchased new a year ago. It's been a good machine from my limited experience. My dealer seems to be in a stable situation but about an hour away. I'm not to concerned with their support cuz I'll fix n maintain it myself as much as possible. I chose it mainly due to...
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    Great YouTube walkthrough on CX2510

    I'm sure digging my CX. Love the ergos of it!
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    Rookie Grapple Mistake

    Mine has to have key on to release the pressure on 3rd function
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    Info on financing a used tractor

    Tractor is my only debt since it matters. I like having one loan so credit is good when I CHOOSE to use it. I'm paying 4% int on the loan thru DLL finance which was dealerships vendor. I would have gone thru my CU but was just easier to do all in house. I chose the cash rebates up front and...
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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    I bought a Kioti CX2510 hst from the Idaho dealer mentioned earlier. I read all the reviews about who makes the best baby tractors. Seems like the consensus was everyone makes a good baby tractor. I do my own maintenance so dealer support isn't a huge concern to me.. I went to work going dealer...
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    Dump Trailer Questions

    Sure trac 6x12 10k owner here. Mainly used for yard maintenance around my mini pine forest. I love it unconditionally, it's saved so much effort over last two years. I love it even more now that the price on them has gone up substantially(thanks Rona). Most I've done is three dump runs/day and...
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    New CX2510!

    These folks are in Spokane if you're still looking for Hydro oil. Mobil 424, $86 OTD for 5g. Cheapest I found. Call ahead and they pull it for ya.
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    I feel for you folks and the long waits. I was one of you for 15 weeks. Two days ago I was finally able to play with my new Wicked 55 and all the frustration went right out the window. Great product, so worth the wait! Thanks EA