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    Got a Brown Tree Saw

    I bought a new Brown Manufacturing tree saw and thus far it is working out nicely for my purposes. I could have paid someone to forestry mulch the areas I needed but the price to do so would have been as much as this implement cost and I also plan to use it in my side business of tractor and...
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    Bath time!

    I know many of you like to keep your tractors clean, so do I. I snapped a couple pictures after I soaked mine down with my foam cannon.
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    Wider front tires M7040 Kubota

    I ordered my tractor with cast tears and radials. It was a $1600 upcharge. I really like them. Traction is great and floatation on soft ground is awesome.
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    Woodland Mills WC46 Subcompact tractor wood chipper. Game changer!

    Since I own a few Woodland Mills products, the WC88 and WG24 stump grinder, I am also subscribed to their Youtube channel. Although not shown on their website yet, I see they published a video yesterday showing their new WC46 wood chipper for subcompact tractors. I think this unit will sell like...
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    The top benefit of having a cab tractor.

    I got a new cab tractor last year and never realized how many benefits came with it. I got one for the two main reasons of me getting older and being able to escape the terrible heat and humidity of the deep south and to also provide a safe means of letting the grand kids ride with me sometimes...
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    Disc Harrow What is the make and model of this disk?

    Well I found an old sticker on it and like I thought, because of green paint, it is a John Deere. Can’t find the model though. It measures just over 11’ at rear blades. I need to locate some bearings for it. I think they are the old obsolete wooden bearings.
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    Disc Harrow What is the make and model of this disk?

    After research this is a John Deere AW disk. Parts manual is attached further down in the thread.
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    New Kubota M7060!

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    New Kubota M7060!

    I ordered mine with cast tears and radials. $1800 upgrade and well worth it.
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    Small tractors doing big work.

    My BX2200 with its latest weapon. 55 gallon PTO powered spray rig. Boomless nozzle covers a 50’ swath and 50’ of hose and wand handle the rest.
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    My M7060 purchase and usage thread

    I would not recommend this grinder for this tractor without creeper gears or an inexperienced operator but if you have that covered this thing makes fast work of stumps. Here is the remains of a 30” hard oak stump.
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    My M7060 purchase and usage thread

    Stump eating beast!
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    Chipper New Woodland Mills 8″ PTO Wood Chipper recommendation

    I got the stump grinder also and it is great too. Here are chipper pictures.