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    Another thread for my 1510

    Hey all thanks for helping me get my 1510 running I have another issue i was thinking you guys could help out with it was involved in a rollover and whatever secures the front axle to the frame has been replaced with sloppy drilled holes and really long bolts this allows the front axle to walk...
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    Ford 1720 backhoe subframe help

    Hey all looking for some pics of your 1720 backhoe subframes factory or homemade specifically the front end that attaches near the loader posts i recently purchased a 758a backhoe off a 1510 but the 1720 uses a 757b backhoe and has a differnt front end loader setup so i need to fab something to...
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    Ford 1510 wont turn over starter engaging

    Hey all i just bought a ford 1510 tractor I bought it for its backhoe im trying to get it running so i can sell it without its backhoe as it will help me cover the cost. Heres the issue engine was seized i took the injectors out sprayed pb plaster in the cylinders and after an over night sit i...