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    Oil filter wrench

    i had to use a claw wrench on my 1423, the strap wrench just could not get it.
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    Engine Oil

    I use Amsoil 5w 40 on my 1423
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    Greetings from Eastern Ontario

    Welome to the form, an welcome to the massey family.
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    Massey 1526????????????

    i have a 1423 massey, an as you see you can get a wallenstein hoe for my tractor , an 1526 also could get one.
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    JD 260 Backhoe

    You also can get a Wallenstein backhoe for your 2305, you can get a four point hitch for it.
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    New to me Woods Groundbreaker 7500 backhoe

    I have a pto pump like yours as well, they work great. had to get a walllenstein for mine.
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    Funnel for side fuel fill that won't spill and not wimpy

    Won't spill nothing with this.
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    Loader MF 1433v FEL main hoses

    This is a 1400 series, I don't if these pictures will help or not.
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    Where is Your Tractor Kept?

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    Small tractors doing big work.

    Small tractor ,big stump.
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    Backhoe stabalizers not holding

    Not all of them. There a picture of my stabs, an that's how they stay. no chains.
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    Comparing new Massey 1526 to a small Massey 1700

    Yes there is an option, Wallenstein backhoe, gx620
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    Oil & Fuel MF 1423 Hydro - Need help with hydraulic fluid

    Here is some pictures congo. First picture you can see the knob.
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    Oil & Fuel MF 1423 Hydro - Need help with hydraulic fluid

    I can show ya . It's on the right side of the seat. the dip stick. I can show ya a picture , when I get out to the tractor .
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    Backhoe Wallenstein backhoe GX-720

    There is a picture a few years ago, after I just put it on. When you hook up the hoe, take some pictures of the hoe an the four point hitch system. thanks.