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    Reliable mechanic in Belleville area of Canada

    Hi Some one near me has a MF 135 in good condition. I am tempted to pick it up. I had a MF 65 which I liked but it was hard to find a reliable repair place near where I live. I am not knowledgeable enough to do it all myself, and don't want to have the same problems I had with getting the 65...
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    Tractor Battery

    Hi Like some of you in the US we have had a massive cold snap here in Canada and the battery on my Kioti which was a little questionable in the milder weather has now given up the ghost. Is there anything special about tractor batteries or can I just replace with a similar automotive battery...
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    Oil & Fuel Bleeding the fuel system on a Kioti

    Hi I have a Kioti CK 20 HST which has been a workhorse for 5 years. Today when my wife went to use it for some gardening chores the engine would start, run for a few seconds and then die. It sounded like a fuel supply issue. So I worked my way down the fuel system... tank was half full...
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    I have read posts on this site for several years and have found them most helpful and useful. Finally decided to join. Best wishes all Mark