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    Cutting 11ga. plate

    A special saw is not needed. I use this diablo blade in a 25 year old skill saw and it works perfectly. I used only one blade on this full rotation gun turret I built. I cut all the 1/4" sheet pieces and I'm still using the blade.
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    MF 204 work bull reverseomatic - stuck motor

    I purchased a non-running MF 204 work bull with the reverseomatic transmission. SN: A 340967 and a 101 102 loader. It also came with a back hoe attachment. Owner reported the motor died and won't turn over. I checked for the tranny selector being stuck, but that appears to refer to the 3...
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    Need Mig Upgrade

    Respectfully, that is misleading. Although they provided a rating at 150 Amps 30% duty cycle, the max is still 210 amps at 15% duty cycle. Those numbers are normally at 40°c or 104°f and will be better as the ambient temp decreases.
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    What's happened to Shield Arc

    Both. Down for thin material, up for thick material. Down for open root pass on thick metal with a very small landing on the bevel, up to fill. In my opinion.
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    Frustrating pontoon repair

    That first pic is an embarrassment... Here is a barely acceptable aluminum weld that I did for my brother - moved his radiator inlet. Yes, I know it looks bad - but I'm willing to post it for what I consider the bottom of acceptable... Aluminum welds by a shop that does this all the time...
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    Mig or stick?

    I agree. 7018 has a high tensile strength compared to some other rods, but also produces welds with good ductility. Here are some comparisons:
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    So it begins

    Apparently your #106 rods are magic :D
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    97 bobcat 225 running hypotherm 30air

    I Googled the machine, says it draws about 3,500 watts. Specs for engine drive use says recommended 5,500 watts to get max output. Most people probably read your post and hit the back button because the info is so easy to find :D I haven't used a plasma on my bobcat yet, I like torches ;)
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    Can I weld an extension on a toolbar?

    Since you'll be doing a weld with a backer, bevel the edges to a knife edge, leave enough gap to weld all 3 pieces together. By doing it this way, you guarantee a fully penetrated weld. It's a pretty foolproof method in my opinion. :) If I don't have a tube handy that fits, I just tack 4...
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    Miller Dialarc

    I use a Kill A Watt meter from Home Depot. About $30
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    Miller Dialarc

    No problem, just put the jumpers on for 230 volts instead. The service at my place is 247 volts, but further down the line at other houses it would be less. I put my jumpers at 230 volts and just know that the settings list on my door for my millermatic 210 will actually be a little hotter...
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    Miller Dialarc

    Just take off this side panel and check the little jumpers. It will look like this picture and have a label inside under the cover. Just unbolt them to move them to match the incoming service voltage you have at your place. If you have 200 vac input at your place, it would be the one on the...
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    Weld critique please

    True, mixed gases are shown in the list, but not 90/10. 300ipm for 105 amps - thin wire? .024"?
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    how do you store your welding rods (7018)

    I'm confused, you found the right one - 150 watts, thermostat controlled. I bought mine used for $75