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    Deere model series

    I'm looking at midrange Deeres. I have read up on the 3050 and it appears to be the perfect tractor, I understand they are super reliable and a good tractor overall. However, it appears that everyone else knows that too as the 3x50s are really quite expensive. And to be honest, i dont really...
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    Mowing Mower deck hydraulic motor.

    I'm wondering if anyone would be able/willing to read the specs off the motor on their rotary mower, or finishing mower and post them for me. I'm thinking about building a hydraulic mower deck for my tractor, and I'd like to have an idea of what displacement motors are being used on something...
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    Adjustable pallet forks

    Built some forks a while back to move wood and pallets about. Made them width adjustable so that they will fit different sizes of pallet, and you can slide them in next to each other for using like a boom pole.
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    Breaking old attachments for parts

    OK, heres the deal. Down the road there is a field with lots of old farm machinery in it. The machinery has been sitting there for a good many years. Today the owner offered if I would like to go and take any parts that I might want. Initially there is a topper (bush hog) that she knows I can...
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    Tow behind batwing mower

    Thought some folk may be interested in the mower I made over about 2 months this summer. Its got Wheelhorse blade mandrels, blades and pulleys. The engine is a Briggs I/C 10HP, its a bit of a monster really, plenty or torque. The rest is home made. It'll cut 30" folded up, and 56" folded down...
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    Rotary Cutter Rotary cutter safety devices

    I'm wondering what you guys have with regard to safety devices on your rotary cutters? To stop stuff flying out and such.... I've heard of chains around the blade to stop stuff flying out, was it Henro who put mesh on his ROPS to stop stuff hitting him? What do you have? I've been knocking up...
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    PM box too small

    Sorry to nag when you probably have better things to do, but my PM box is bursting at the seams. Is there a chance of bumping up the max from 50 to a couple 100 maybe? I'm just about to go and delete a load, but I doubt I'll get it to 50 Thanks.
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    Jinma 204/204s

    I see reference to both these models on the site, they are the most basic, cheapest models. The 204 is basic, with the 204s being the next step up. Seems the differences are limited to an extra cylinder, high lift 3ph, different tyres and a 1" bigger clucth on the 204s. The price is higher, but...
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    BX1500 owners

    Hi, I was wondering if any BX1500 (or other BX series for that matter, though 1500 is preferred) could post the following measurements for me Front and rear tyre size Distance from loader upright to the front axle Loader pin Diameters Loader arm lengths (upright to bend, bend to bucket) Ram...
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    Monster truck GT

    Does anyone remember the link Some guy had made his garden tractor into a monster truck type thing and had videos on a site of him driving over a car. Anyone got that link to his site Much appreciated, cheers
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    MS Word grammer check, its messin with my mind!

    Well I was doing some work (whats that? ) and I came up with this. Check the pic out. Grammer check solution, it says solutions. Change it to solutions and it grammer checks it to solution. Uh, I think somebody screwed up a bit, or is it just me. Im gunna have to go see somebody, its messin with...
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    Musings of the mowing nutter

    Remember the 'Thoughts on a strange idea' post? Well its back, this time with a doner tractor to do it. Ive attached a technical drawing. To the untrained eye it may just look like a load of images put together on paint but to my trained eye it is a detailed plan with inner workings and...
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    What do you do when ya run out of posts to read?

    Im sitting here, its late at night, its dark (probably something to do with the fact that its night ). Ive got nothing to do. Why not go to sleep I hear you ask, stop asking difficult questions, its too late for that I reply. It seems I spend most my day doing nothing. Move 3 stones from the...
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    Hydraulics help, loader schematic, information

    I think there is something missing in my life. Not a wife, a loader Ive been inspired by pics on the P.F. engineering site and Machine Builders Network to make one. Figure I'll just slap it on the Wheelhorse (poor thing, it will break permanently soon) Now I figure I can make the frame easy...
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    Tool to remove valve cores?

    Any ideas on how to make one. Just filled one tyre with water using a small screwdriver to remove the core but the other tyre valve core is stuck, need a tool to remove it. Any idea how to make one, all shops closed beace its sunday. Thanks for any ideas