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    Well pump head fitting

    Sorry - no clue as to help you but your fix is very clever. MoKelly
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    My wife’s Dad lives within walking distance of War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Back in the day when conference games were played there, it was something to see. Campers, tailgaters and crowds were amazing. Probably 2x the folks that could fit in the stadium. Now, they get minor league...
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    Sorry for all the negative stuff. I never took any of your comments as insults. Humor or fun or joking is disappearing on the internet and in society. We take ourselves too seriously. Also - I was and am very happy the Razorbacks won! MoKelly
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    How many have wives who make work for you.

    My wife is the smartest and hardest working person I know. There isn’t a thing she asks that she wouldn’t do herself. So, when she asks, I do the stuff if I am able (she sometimes overestimates my abilities). She is younger than me so she has more energy. She always has stuff to do - but...
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    A kid gets terminated at work...

    Yep - especially when no private company provides nowhere near the same compensation levels.
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    A kid gets terminated at work...

    I guess it’s a good news/bad news scenario when all your compensation data must be published every year in the Proxy Statement. MoKelly
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    A kid gets terminated at work...

    As a kid, best job I had was working as an administrative aid in a hospital blood bank. Paperwork galore and 5 steps to ensure the correct blood goes to the correct patient. Physically delivering the blood units to the OR and checking numbers. Billing. Pretty busy most of the time. MoKelly
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    Is there any food you do not like?

    It’s pretty much a life saver for me in Mexico! MoKelly
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    Starting over - the allure of country!

    Congratulations on the new property. Good luck. I admire you beginning this at your stage in life. Work keeps you young - at least that is what my wife tells me! MoKelly
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    Grapple style preference

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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I’ve bought Corporate Bonds, 3-5 year annuities, Mortgages, EFT funds and non-traded preferreds. I’ve had to be careful not only getting out of balance between equities and fixed, but within equity categories - especially With Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. They can get to an unacceptable...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    And folks wonder why the stock market continues to rise? Many can’t find alternatives. Then, when the crash comes - and it will - it will be devastation. Find a fee based investment adviser. MoKelly
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    I bet that wows all the gals![emoji849]
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    This is why rebalancing your portfolio is so important. During bull markets some tend to ignore rebalancing - but it’s very critical. MoKelly
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    I had a Mercury Bobcat. Small little car. I remember the State Patrol guy was big. Very uncomfortable in the seat. I believe he cut the test short. I passed. MoKelly