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    LX Series Oversized Tires

    Here is quantitative data straight from the Titan Catalog, so everyone can make their own decisions on what is appropriate. R1's are not included in the table. Hope this helps.
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    Stock headlights vs Cheap 36 Watt LED Lights

    Starting this thread as LED light addition is a popular project and there is always some question on what wattage lights to buy. I'm including a few recent night photos to give some comparison how much light the lower wattage lamps put out compared to the stock halogen headlights. The tractor...
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    Glow Plugs...

    Recording this info in the event it helps anyone down the line. Summary: Glow Plugs: 19077-65512, 19077-65511, 19077-65510, 1J860-65510, 1J860-65510, 1J860-65511, 1J860-65512 are all linked as similar using Kubota's Illustrated Parts and Messick's. GP price is different depending on PN...
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    Help! L3240 won't start when cold

    Bferris01, To test the temperature sensor you'll need to know the exact coolant temperature and resistance value of the sensor. It is best if you can do this at two known temperatures. Since you're unlikely to have the exact temperatures referenced in the WSM, I've calculated the equation...
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    Mowing Travel Speed: What range is everyone using?

    About a year ago, I purchased a used B3030 Cab tractor with 72" mid mower, FEL and front snowblower for my 77 year old Dad to replace his BX2200. The B3030 has 3 speed ranges while the BX2200 only had 2. According to the published travel speeds, High range on the BX2200 is very close to the...
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    Fuel Remaining after No bars showing

    For owners of L4740, L5040, L5240 and L5740 tractors. Recently ran my tractor until no bars were showing on the fuel gauge and was a bit anxious as I was 1.5 miles from home mowing a field. Ran the tractor about 15 minutes mowing and took about 10 mintues to get home after it first hit zero...
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    Tie-Rods: Poor Quality

    Noticed a good bit of play in the front right tire/wheel when going down the road and confirmed the tie-rod was bad by lifting the tire off the ground and moving the tire left and right. Ordered a new Tie-Rod for a bit over $110 with tax, so it must be some super deluxe part that will last into...
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    Hydraulic Coupler Rebuild or O-Ring Size

    Reference: Hydraulic Coupler HNV38NP Kubota PN: 7J417-66320 Two couplers have developed a leak after putting the FEL back on after sitting for the winter while the front snowblower was on. I believe the o-ring visible inside the coupler is the root cause. Does anyone know the o-ring size or...
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    Help - Snowblower Electric Chute Linkage

    Reference Snowblowers such as L2173, L2174, L2175, L2185, L2194 etc... with optional electric chute actuator L2179 Help: Looking for guidance on how the linkage shown in the attachments should be positioned with respect to the stationary Chute bracket and how tight the bolt should be torqued...
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    B2650 Alternator Output for LED Lights?

    You might be drawing less than the rated watts suggest. I went through the trouble of measuring the current draw on a variety of the smaller LED lights (18, 27 and 36 watt units). The 18 watts either come in a 1x6 LED arrangement (row x # of LEDs) or 2x3 Led like you have. Both styles consumed...
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    Adding aux lights

    CMV, After measuring 3 different styles of LED work lamps, I found the rated watts to be overstated. If you disconnected your headlights, you'll have plenty of current to work with. I've bypassed the headlights in several applications without altering the wiring by using an equivalent plug...
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    Question for owners of L4600, L3560 and L4060 w/Turf tires

    For those who own a L4600, L3560 or L4060 with 27x8.50-15 Turf tires. Could you tell me what brand/model and ply rating the front tires are? Why I am asking? Thinking of replacing the front tires on my L3130 and it uses the same size turf tires as the models listed above. I called the local...
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    Self Leveling Valve for Kubota LA Loaders

    MrC. Perhaps to reduce confusion with what the OP is looking for, you should have started a new thread as the two applications appear to be different. If you search on Kubota's web site under Illustrated Parts List, you're likely to find what you're looking for. Not knowing your Serial number...
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    Canopy LED light replacement for cab M7040 of other

    Here's a quick test of the stock bulb versus the LED module described in earlier posts. The light cover was not in place for any of the photos. Stock Light LED With the way camera phones try to adjust the picture given the ambient lighting, I feel the photos understate the...
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    Canopy LED light replacement for cab M7040 of other

    I bought the same LED for the dome and was wondering how you mounted the LED inside the housing? There isn't a flat spot to mount using the 2-Sided tape. Did you just lay it inside the dome cover? Perhaps the photos will help describe the situation. Sorry for the flipped picture below.