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    Total noob. Mowing with Toolcat on a hill vs Ventrac vs Kubota L3902

    Steiner or Ventrac is the way to go add dual wheels and climb up walls. "kidding". There are thirty + attachments and 3 models of power source for the 4500 series.
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    2014 Kioti DK50se starter solenoid

    Well if it started right up you didn't break it right. Take it to the farthest corner of your property and it will hopefully break down the right way.
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    What are you OCD about?

    Crooked things bug the crap out of me. Retired HVAC guy.
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    New Tractor

    This is my new machine.
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    Need help identifying my Massey ferguson

    1968--- Welcome to TBN!!!
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    Most terrifying moment on a tractor in years

    I bought at 1.95 a gall last year thank God.
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    My Tractor Mechanic is not happy

    Nice looking machine!
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    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    I have had my Kioti for 12 years and it has never been back to the dealer.. I bought a L series Kubota and had trouble with the 3 point and the dealer took it back.
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    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    So if it on the internet its true?
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    Mf135 Year?

    There should be a fuel shut off coming off the gas tank or close by it
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    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Sorry I must of missed that post
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    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Oh please, tell us the whole story. What brand? How did it perform? What did you like about it and not like about it. Will you buy it?
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    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    What is your beef with Kioti? When are you going to buy a tractor instead of talking about it?
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    My 135 Journey

    Yes you have a kind of fluorescent gage lights. I have them too